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  1. Wow.... amazing car! Wish I could have it. GLWS
  2. What is the catch here? This looks like a super good deal! This car would go for $40k+ on BaT. If it weren't Malaga (I know I'm in the minority as someone who doesn't really dig Malaga) I would snatch that up immediately. I'd be curious to here any stories if any members here talk to the seller.
  3. Hey everyone. I'm looking for a solid driver side door with minimal rust. Help! Thanks, all! Rob
  4. BaT is magical isn't it? It's all about the presentation and scenery in the pictures there. I mentioned that in a recent auction for an e28 that sold for almost $14k. It had rusty floor panels that had been pop riveted and spray painted, and rusty door seams wearing plenty of make up as well. The interior was redone in a blinding red that didn't come close to matching the original door cards (which is okay for a driver) and the cluster was held in place by screws that looked more like roofing nails. I think it also had somewhere around 220k miles. But it presented nicely in the pictures so the bidders ate it up. I sold my e28 on mye28.com for 11k and it was a much better car. Maybe I'll try BaT one day. With my luck there would be nationwide internet outage with 10 min to go in my auction, or a historic stock market crash that morning. 😂
  5. Definitely makes me feel better about my 71 Sahara. Not that I plan to sell it but...
  6. To be clear I would defer to some of the more veteran members. I just feel like there are a lot of unknown factors. How original is the car. A lot of 02 buyers love originality more than good condition so it's really a guess without a lot more info.
  7. I'm not sure how even a ball park value can be placed on this car without more detailed pictures (mostly to verify how much rust the car has) and more detail on the recent maintenance on the car. Assuming the rust is to a relative minimum, and again going off of very few details, I would put it in the 9k-12k range. I'd be interested to hear what the experts think as well
  8. I thought this guy only did aftermarket AC units....they do entire 2002 builds as well?
  9. Still looking, All. Anyone have one of these?
  10. I too really like this car. It's extremely presentable and original looking, but not "restored" or reconditioned the point where I would be nervous to drive it. In terms of condition, this is the type of 02 I wish I had bought. Nice and worn in. However, once the seats and interior gets to where they were on that Malaga that sold on BAT this week, I think I would prefer some "reconditioning" over originality.
  11. Funny how individuals value the tiis. This one pushed the price tag of the agave that sold on BAT last week and to me it wasn't even close to as good of a car. But again that's an individual thing I guess.....and they aren't making more of them so there's that
  12. Wow thanks for your help Steve. I read another thread where you described that in detail and used the words "within the leading edge"....just can't picture it. And not sure how this gasket comes into play. I'm assuming that finding a gasket is not going to happen.....at least not one that isn't dry rotted and falling apart. You think something else could be used in place of that factory gasket? Some sort of aftermarket weather stripping maybe? Is this what I'm looking for?
  13. Thanks, Steve! I saw your above picture when searching this topic. So the asymmetrical ring goes on the outside of the retaining ring? What holds it in place? And the gasket is between the asymmetrical ring and the grille bucket? Rob
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