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  1. Hey all! Looking for a pair of tan door pulls. I guess that would be from a later car maybe? Either way.....let me know if you have anything. Thanks!
  2. I wanted to update as well. I received my skateboard knob with the green swirls yesterday. I love it! Really is a very cool piece that I'm looking forward to putting on when the car is back together. It might be the ceremonious last thing I out on! Really nice, quality work. Thanks again. Rob
  3. Does the car run? Does any of the trim that is missing in the photos come with the car? Does all glass come with the car? Can you post some interior shots to see what's missing? I would be interested if I could put the glass in and drive it now until I'm ready to paint it. Thanks Rob
  4. Do you have a clean driver door? Little to no rust? Thanks Rob
  5. Forrest what is your turnaround time on a short console with gauge cut outs? I am going to get one but I don't need it for another 4 months or so. Just want to make sure I will have it when it's ready
  6. I'll take one.....ordering now. Does the discount apply if ordered with speakers?
  7. Still looking for one of these suckers. Thanks everyone. Rob
  8. Hello all! New to the forum and new 2002 owner. I'm looking for a good driver's side door with little to no rust. Thanks everyone. Rob
  9. Russellrh72


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