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  1. Wow I hope it ends up in someone's loving hands. Awesome looking car! Rob
  2. Hey Summit, it's your caps that I'm buying and then realized they would not work with the wheels I have. So yeah if you wheels then let me know what you'd like to work out. Rob
  3. Okay great! Thanks so much for your help! So that is what I need if anyone has a set of four. I was about to have the ones that came on the car blasted and refinished but they are not correct and would not accept the hubcaps. Let me know if anyone out there has any. Rob
  4. Hi All. I'm looking for a set of steelies for my '71. I bought my car with some on it but I am not sure if they are correct for the year. Were the steelies different from early to late cars? I'm looking for some that would accept hubcaps like these....
  5. I received mine last week and installed them a few days ago. Really really nice product!! The two stopping points are so subtle and softened that you can just feel yourself doing the pillar mount a favor. There is no bouncing at the halfway point when you open the door. The pillar mount seal is a really nice touch as well. I'm sure it is helpful for the pillar mount but it's also just a nice look. Very good upgrade overall! Thanks for the great option, Harry! Rob
  6. Well I went about halfway with it. Not out of laziness but honestly felt it was the smarter thing to do. I took sandpaper, a file, and a dremel tool and sanded everywhere I saw a hint of rust. Then I coated it with POR-15. The rubber inside the channel I left one. It just didn't look bad. I figured it would be worse to try and dig it out and find a replacement that was perfect. Next, I scraped all the old stuff off the glass, sanded the bottom of the glass where the channel would be out back to give the glass some texture, and cleaned it up with alcohol. Then I mixed up a two part clear epoxy and put it on both sides of the glass and in the channel. She is clamped now and curing over tonight. Tomorrow the door goes back together. Fingers crossed....
  7. Hey everyone. Wanted to revive this thread in hopes of getting some advice. I just got my car back home to reassemble after a total repaint. I got ALL the glass back in over a couple of days and when I was cleaning it all up I noticed that the driver's side door glass was scratched badly. Probably happened at the body shop but I just couldn't bring myself to button everything up with the glass like that. So I sourced another driver's side glass that looks great, however, the channel that the glass sits in and attaches to each rail is totally rusted out. Bummer. So that left me with the option that I had hoped to not have to take of swapping my good channel onto the newly sourced good glass. Below is a picture of my channel in pretty decent shape. Not much rust other than on the surface which I will sand and POR-15. It took me over an hour with a razor blade slowly scraping away to release this channel from the glass. I'm not sure if it was glued or if the rubber seal in the channel had just bound to the glass over the last 50 years. But now my questions to you all are these. Should I attempt to replace this rubber seal while I'm down in this rabbit hole? It really doesn't look bad down in the center of the channel. The top edges are a little brittle but I'm not sure how it is attached to the metal, and I'm not sure if I could find a suitable replacement. Secondly, should I glue this channel with the rubber (or new rubber if I go further) to the glass or was it pressure fitted from the factory? I can't imagine that I should reassemble this thing with no adhesive, but there really doesn't appear to be much adhesive in there from over the years. Attached is a picture of the channel after I removed it from the glass. Let me know what you think.
  8. Thank you very much! It definitely turned out really nicely! I hope I do the rest of the car justice
  9. Now I guess I need to source some reflectors! This hobby is expensive.....
  10. Yes, Mike I would love to have caught this and had them welded up for sure. I could probably have the body shop do that and repaint the entire rear panel but that seems extreme at this point. Maybe one day. But I like the idea of finding a cool badge to put there. I originally liked the idea of having a cleaner look on the rear without the reflectors as well but that's obviously shot. So now I'll just filled it up with all sorts of stuff!!
  11. Hey everyone. Pretty new to the 02 game and this one is making me feel it for sure. Recently got my '71 Sahara back from the body shop and started putting it back together. There are now some holes on the rear panel that were NOT there prior to breaking the car down. All I can think of is that the media blasting removed some filler from holes and neither myself or the body shop picked up on it. This is really unfortunate obviously. Now I'm faced with the choice to either repaint the rear panel or put back on the pieces that originally filled these holes. The next problem is that I'm not sure what trim pieces would have gone in these places. Below is a picture of what I'm working with. I'm pretty sure that the three holes with the arrow pointing to them, just above the bumper line would be for red reflectors. I didn't want these on the car but I guess that would work as opposed to filling them. The two holes in the left of the picture in the circle I have no idea as to what they are. I have looked at a lot of roundie pictures and have not seen what might work there. Does anyone have a clue what those are for? Any help would be appreciated! Rob
  12. Again, so helpful. I think I'll just go with one and call it a day. I am actually leaning towards having all the latches and bars, etc sandblasted and then just shoot them with an Eastwood product. I have used their stuff many times with good results. My car is going to be a driver for sure, so having all of these parts plated is just not something that is important to me. I think I just want to get them to the point where they are not over sprayed with body color like they are now. They are all off of the car now following the paint and body work, so now is definitely the time to get them right....or close to right 😉
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