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  1. Etsy, noted and agree. I'm always confident that the forum will provide, "constructive criticism" and tough love, when necessary. Incorrect nose aside, it really is a beautiful car.
  2. 1969 BMW 1600-2, Riviera but born 4/30/69 with Chamonix (1569103). Outstanding condition. Runs great, no known issues mechanically/structurally. A PO replaced the original motor with a 2002 motor. During the PO restoration work a late model nose was fitted (assuming they could not source an early version). I will upload more photos this weekend.
  3. West Palm 2002, I just received the overnighted part. It appears to be correct getting from point A to point B. The replacement hose does have a slightly different series of bends to it from the original, which appears to be original to my motor. The part is being installed now. If there is any update to the above, I will let you know.
  4. FYI, that is the diagram I used and what matched everything that I could find on RealOEM. The part number, that I believe, I am looking for ended up being 11-53-1-257-371. I couldn't find it in any diagram referenced.
  5. jimk, thanks again. You gave me enough information to track down a part number.
  6. Ahh, thank you. I was thinking that the manifold had to be specific to the head. I have looked throughout RealOEM.com at various cars and years. I can't find any manifolds that have a 90 degree turn for the coolant hose. Does anyone else have this set up or know more about it?
  7. I need the forum's assistance. I am having my coolant system rebuilt/refreshed. I ordered the coolant hose from the back side of the water pump to the intake manifold that RealOEM.com specified. It is not correct. My car is a 69 1602 that a PO dropped a 2002 motor into at some point. From what I can find, it appears that the 2002 should use the same coolant hose as a 1602. My intake manifold is stamped 70 and 121TI. If it matters, I am running a 38 Weber. The main issue is that the port for the coolant hose from the water pump goes up into the intake at a 90 degree angle. whereas it appears the stock hose went straight into the intake manifold. If someone can provide me with a part number for the correct coolant hose, I would be extremely grateful.
  8. Refreshing the license plate light mounting assemblies on my 69 1602. Realized that I am missing one of the little set screws holding the wires in the license plate light assembly. Let me know if you have one and how much to mail to 89523.
  9. Help needed. Redoing my 69 1600-2 license plate light mounting assemblies. I can't source the rubber gasket that goes between the light and the grey base. Anybody know where I can find them or have a great condition set that needs a good home?
  10. Still available, unsure if it fits a tii. Perhaps someone knowledgeable can weigh in on this?
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