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  1. Still available, unsure if it fits a tii. Perhaps someone knowledgeable can weigh in on this?
  2. $450 - OEM early style center grill, like new condition (includes spacers) $50 - late style center grill, each (3) $500 - set of early style, deep dish aluminum grills (driver & passenger) - (couple of slats off passenger side, missing one) SOLD $300 - early style, deep dish driver's side grill $250 - smog pump, valve, assorted hoses & hardware $125 - early model steering wheel, each $75 - late model steering wheel $75 - valve cover (69 and 76, 76 has oil cap), each $50 - intake manifold, double barrel $50 - exhaust manifold $20 - Weber carb air cleaner adapter $5 - battery mat $25 - a/c condenser $10 - battery cable $25 - various belts (includes all 5) $30 - vent window glass, each $75 - BMW 2002 4-speed transmission $10 - E10 stock air filters, each $25 - various model BMW hub caps, each $250 - OEM NIB E10 turn signal assembly $75 - E10 strut assemblies, pair SOLD Does not include shipping. Actual shipping charged. List on CL locally as well. Check out the listing for photos: https://reno.craigslist.org/pts/d/reno-bmw-e-parts/7124092074.html
  3. Apparently when the PO restored my 69, he opted to put a 74 front clip on. Bummed and as a result, I will be letting my early grills go. I have a total of three (1 passenger, 2 driver). The passenger side of the pair is missing a slat and three of them are not currently installed on the grill. It was not really an issue for me as I was going to go without them when they were refinished. I also have an early center grill (black slats & includes the spacers) in pristine condition. It was in the original BMW packaging when I got it. $500 for the center, $600 for the set of side grills and $400 for the solo driver's side grill. I also have a couple of extra slats for an early grill. One long, one short. $20 for the set. Prices do not include shipping. Actual shipping charged. Payment via PayPal.
  4. Photographic evidence of the later model bumper support access area. Damn fine detective work, fellas. Much appreciated. It appears that the early model bumpers not only had a different shaped, smaller hole but that they sat lower too.
  5. That was my fear. 72pdx02, thanks for the confirmation.
  6. Pic attached. Thought original as bumper slots are rectangular and later years did not have the body metal on either side of the center grill. Yes, the grill pictured has black slates but I will be taking all three grills back to polished aluminum. The PO installed later model black plastic grills after the restoration.
  7. Ok, at the risk of showing myself just how much I don't know about these cars, I have a question for the forum. My 1969 1600-2 PO installed later model, black plastic grills on my car, post restoration. I had an OEM aluminum center grill from a previous parts purchase and have recently acquired the aluminum side grills. I am getting ready to send everything out for refinishing and wanted to dry fit before to avoid any issues. The center grill that I took off is stamped, "BMW 1826675 Gerhardi" and has mounting posts spaced 180mm apart. It fit my cars opening just fine with a nut and washer on each post. The OEM aluminum grill that I have has no markings on it but has posts are spaced 205mm apart. It looks like a 2002 grill from that time period but in my cars opening is a little to tall and a little to skinny for the opening. I am assuming that it is from a different model of BMW but my quick research does not find anything that is similar. I have included a couple of pics of the grill. Anybody got an ideas on what model BMW this grill fits?
  8. Curious to know if you pulled the trigger on this? If you did, any thoughts on your experience?
  9. Dudeland, thanks! Did not realize that. I will change the description.
  10. $10 each - Fan Belt (2) SOLD $50 - Control Arms, pair $100 - Exhaust Manifold $100 - Intake $50 - Main Bearings, sealed (7026Mx2.5MM) $10 each - Oil Filters $10 each - Stock Air Filter $100 - Rear View Mirror SOLD $100 - Sheepskin Seat Cover (fits driver or passenger seat, NIB, never used) $100 each - Steering Wheel SOLD $100 - Air Filter Housing $100 each - Valve Cover (one includes oil cap) $75 each - Vent Window Glass (one includes trim, has damage on bottom) SOLD $100 each - Weber Carb Can't post pics yet. Link to ad on CL here: https://post.craigslist.org/manage/6995262752?action=display&go=display
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