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  1. Dudeland, thanks! Did not realize that. I will change the description.
  2. $10 each - Fan Belt (2) SOLD $50 - Control Arms, pair $100 - Exhaust Manifold $100 - Intake $50 - Main Bearings, sealed (7026Mx2.5MM) $10 each - Oil Filters $10 each - Stock Air Filter $100 - Rear View Mirror SOLD $100 - Sheepskin Seat Cover (fits driver or passenger seat, NIB, never used) $100 each - Steering Wheel SOLD $100 - Air Filter Housing $100 each - Valve Cover (one includes oil cap) $75 each - Vent Window Glass (one includes trim, has damage on bottom) SOLD $100 each - Weber Carb Can't post pics yet. Link to ad on CL here: https://post.craigslist.org/manage/6995262752?action=display&go=display
  3. rcf925 thanks again! I will give them a call.
  4. rcf925 thanks for the heads up. I was trying to find the trim ring by itself. My switch still works. Kinda painful to throw $100 down for the whole switch assembly.
  5. Monkeybone67


  6. Looking for a trim ring for a top dash mount hazard switch.
  7. Halboyles, thank you! If someone has an extra copy of the trim ring pictured, please message me. Posting in parts wanted as well.
  8. Need a little help. Working through my punch list on a 95% restoration on my 69 1602. The hazard switch mounts on top of the dash, left side. Apparently, per RealOEM, I am missing the trim ring to reinstall the switch. Can someone with a similiar set up snap a picture of the trim ring? Better yet, if someone has one they are willing to part with, let me know the damage.
  9. Mark92131 Yes, shipping is not a problem as long as it makes sense for someone to do so. I am happy to assist.
  10. E10 BMW 2002 parts for sale: SOLD $35 each - E10 steel wheels (2), with snow tires $35 non-BMW wheel with regular tire, tire probably not good $150 - M10 engine block, spins freely, #25786234 $100 - BMW 2002 4-speed transmission $15 each - E10 stock air filters (12) $25 each - various model BMW hub caps $300 - OEM NIB E10 front turn signal assembly SOLD $100 - E12 head SOLD $75 - E10 strut assemblies, pair Can't link photos. Photos found here: https://reno.craigslist.org/pts/d/reno-e10-bmw-2002-parts/6904461567.html

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