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  1. Thanks! Found that site a while back searching for pedalbox rebuild options but had since forgotten about it. Saving to bookmarks!
  2. After pulling out the rear wheel bearings I noticed the inner bearing was ceased on the stub axle. Started hammering on it with the bearing in a vice,(yes with the nut in backwards flush with the axle) no luck. Asked for help, bad idea. guess he took the nut off. Threads up to the cotter pin hole are morphed. Keep in mind I thought about cutting the bearing off but I ‘didnt want to damage the axle stub.’ Oh the irony. Possibly for the better though since this side does not have threads for the cv axle bolts(and they were loose!) Oddly enough the other side is threaded and were tight. IE pair is tempting but I really just need one. Very sad 002 Salvage in Hayward closed, otherwise I’d be there. Let me know if you have an extra or know where I can get one. Or if there’s still a way to buy parts off 002?

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