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  1. The Steelie magnetic mount by Nite Ize is a perfect, good looking fit for my 2002.
  2. If you’re looking for a front window shade, WeatherTech provides a great option. Selling for $59.99, item TS1027 fits the 2002 windshield perfectly.
  3. Well, I’m happy I found this post. My car was making the same, awful noise from the rear end. Took a torque wrench (62 ft/lbs) to each wheel, found that the right rear needed a bit of tightening. I guess we didn’t do proper diligence when inspecting the brakes earlier in the week.
  4. I followed the instructions and installed the Novita Heavy Duty Flasher EL13 from my local Advance Auto Parts in my 1974 BMW 2002. The intermittently functioning dash light now works 100% of the time. I wish the blinker sound was louder, but I can hear it much better than the original flasher.
  5. onestogie

    1974 granda

    It seems your father was incorrect. Beautiful photos.
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