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  1. Can I have a conditional vote, depending on the situation? My view is: If car is a keeper--no, as personally I don't love the look or BMW's approach to weird '70s U.S. safety mandates. If car will be owned for a limited duration/will encounter nitpickers at shows/aspires to a future BaT appearance--yes.
  2. This one stuck in my memory. The auction listing described the interior as beige, the official description called it gray, and at least one comment referred to as cream. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1975-bmw-2002-58/?utm_source=transactionalemail&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=bat_watched_listing_ended
  3. There’s no shortage of nice wheels for 02s, but I think these are special. If you want a lightweight, period correct, aftermarket wheel for a short bumper car, these really look just “right“ to my eyes. Great wheel and great pictures, thanks for posting. @tjones02, especially appreciate seeing the wheels nicely refurbished and mounted on a car—huge help when picturing how they’d look on my own car. 🙏👍
  4. Dang, just noticed that while I was fiddling around looking for the power cord for my laptop, @Conservsaid it first and better--but nothing new there! 😆 Couldn't agree more with his comments, it's great to see products like this being offered. 👍
  5. Love it! Great idea and design. Order placed. 😎
  6. ^^ Hey is that Granatrot? If so, even better, love that color! 🙂 In any case, great to see the overlap of 02 enthusiasts/Rockford fans. I thought I was the only one, haha.
  7. ^^ That is me in a nutshell, so thanks for sharing your experiences. Shops' willingness to tackle these kind of jobs, and cost of paint, is also of particular interest to me so I appreciate your posting the info. FWIW the car looks great in its fresh paint, hope to see it at the Vintage or some other show when it's all done!
  8. Also a longtime Rockford Files/James Garner fan. That was a really special show in its day, and it still holds up IMO. I also remember some NBC promo or special with Garner back in the day, demonstrating how to do a high speed J turn in his trusty Sierra Gold Firebird. I may or may not have exercised typically sound teenage judgement by practicing the technique on a quiet street the next day. @fastricky, love your wife's voiceover. When combined with the background tune the overall effect is like a music video. Count me as the first fan for her new original composition, "Hit It Hit It Hit It!" 😜
  9. Bob D.


    A beautiful car! I particularly love the color. I know it's not an 02 color, but I saw a 7-series in this color at Ofest a couple of years ago and was smitten. Looks great with this interior as well. Enjoy!
  10. Bob D.


    Thanks Steve, appreciate the good words. It's exactly 0°F here right now, so the car is laid up in a heated garage a few towns away, waiting for spring. Seems like there's always more to learn about these fun little cars, though, so I guess the winter is a good time to do that, and make grand plans for the warmer months. 🙂 Re your question about the VIN prefix being a giveaway, from everything I've heard and read, 2002s with automatic transmissions always had VIN prefixes different than their manual trans brothers of the same year. So you're right about the VIN being a giveaway
  11. Looking gorgeous, and in one of my favorite colors--the understated and sometimes underappreciated Nevada! 😎👍 Here’s to many more decades of happy motoring. 🍻
  12. I'm just here to say how much I loved this ad. 👌 😁👏
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