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  1. I wanted to make sure I didn’t have rubbing issues so I went the safe route with the tire size. There’s an issue with the body that’s been causing rubbing issues. I’m going to do a full video on it in the near future.
  2. Good question. This process was suggested to me by an 02 buddy so I gave it a shot. Powder coating would have surely been more durable but at the same time I am mostly focused on getting the BBS's on the car....so this is basically a temporary solution. So, really, I just didn't look into that idea. Perhaps I should have but I'm gonna let it ride for now.
  3. First of all, thanks so much for the well wishing. Working on this channel has allowed me to take my passion for these 2002's - and air cooled 911's - to another level so I appreciate your support. Regarding parts sources. Good to know. I did source the chrome lug nuts from Dave at Aardvark (sp?) racing. I'm also having him reupholster a set of e21 Recaro's for me as we speak. I am not a big fan of ECS myself either. Feels impersonal and frankly their marketing annoys the hell out of me. They're incessant with their emails, especially after you visit their website. They have some sort of technology that tracks return visits and then triggers an email to you promoting whatever you just happened to look at. Too invasive. Stay tuned for more content.... Thanks again!
  4. No worries about hijacking at all. My goal with all of my videos is to conversations and info sharing on the various topics I cover. Looks like mission accomplished. Thanks!
  5. Steve, FAQ has been a GREAT resource for fitment info as the journey with this car and the wheels has unfolded. Unfortunately, the issue lies with a problem with the car itself that I am going to have to get sorted. I will share that issue in an upcoming video. It’s actually a surprising and aggravating problem, especially with a car of this caliber... Please subscribe if you’re so inclined. You like that video teaser? 😆 - Will
  6. Josh - First of all, thanks for subscribing! Secondly, there’s a link to the centers, hubs and wheels in the description under the video on YouTube. They’re available at ECS tuning, but I bought them from the same guy I bought the centers from. I hear you about the BBS wheels, but that’s what’s great about wheels/stance set ups. To each his own; and what I love about them is how easy it is to transform the look of the car quickly and easily by changing out the wheels.
  7. Sorry, but I don’t. Looks like someone else does though.
  8. I love your story, and I appreciate your perspective. I’ll end up keeping the hubcaps...just far away from the car for the time being 😂 Thanks for weighing in!
  9. That looks good against that silver paint. I gave some thought to staying with black but ultimately felt the silver was right for the car.
  10. In my case, I feel like the chrome lugs and the center caps really make the wheels. I don’t know that I would like them as much without that touch.
  11. No doubt, I agree with you. I would have done more research into a more durable solution and spent more time on these wheels if I were gonna keep them on the car long term. The problem with my car that’s preventing the BBS’s from fitting is one that’s gonna require some relative surgery (I will talk about the issue in depth a future episode...it’s very unfortunate) but once that’s fixed those wheels will be my “forever wheels” and the steelies will likely end up in the parts classifieds on FAQ. Thanks for the insight.
  12. I bought them form an 02 buddy who decided to go in a different direction after he bought them. The sources shared are both viable. I think my seller bought them from ECS. Thanks for watching. Next 2002 video will be an overview of the 6 or so mods I’ll be doing to the car.
  13. What’s up guys. I have a YouTube channel that centers on classic German sports cars and I just published a video about my 1970 ‘02. In the video, I talk about the extremely simple process for prepping and painting e30 steelies and then swapping them out for the hubcaps that, while correct for the car, aren’t really for me. My car was restored by the Werk Shop and over the next 2 months or so I’ll be publishing videos covering the (hopefully) tasteful and minimalist mods I’ll be doing to the car. If you’re interested in 02 video content, check it out, subscribe and give me a thumbs up (or down lol!). Also, if you have any insights or thoughts to add, pls be sure to comment below the video so other viewers can benefit from your comments. Hope this type of post is allowed. If not, please delete with my apologies. DITCHING Hubcaps and Putting e30 Spare Wheels On My BMW 2002:
  14. Sent a pm. I would like a tier 1 set please.

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