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  1. Hello. I have a brand new set of (4) 195/50R-15 DUNLOP DIREZZA ZIII SL’s for sale. These tires have been mounted and driven maybe 10 miles. I bought them to put on my 15” x 7” et25 BBS RS wheels. The tires ended up not fitting my car due to the way the rear quarter panel was rebuilt so my loss is someone’s gain. These things look amazing and I’m not happy I can’t use them. I have had to drop back to 185/55 to get the tires to fit. I am willing to sell them for $350.00 plus shipping. I paid $486.00 for these maybe a month and a half ago. I am in Greensboro, NC and would much prefer local pick up.
  2. Hello. I have just picked up a set of restored BBS RS’s in 15” x 7” et25 fitment for my 1970 2002. I am wondering if the stock lug nuts are sufficient for these wheels. If not, I am wondering what I should use. For whatever reason, I have always been a little mystified when it comes to tire/wheel sizes and specs so I thought I would check here to see if the larger wheel and tire requires a longer lug. Any advice would be highly appreciated and my apologies if this is too basic of a question. Pic of wheels if you’re interested.
  3. WPGB

    WTB: 2002

    I'll definitely share some pictures once I take possession of the car. It'll probably be early next week. I ended up essentially doubling my budget to get what I think is a very cool, special 1970 2002. I'm planning on doing a video on it on my YouTube channel, BimmerSpecialtyTV! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZu-0_ptx2iWqtAU6F-Q8Ug I'm in North Carolina.
  4. WPGB

    WTB: 2002

    Thanks. Really looking forward to the ownership experience as well as the community around the 2002. I wouldn’t have gotten this far in my search without the help of 2002 enthusiasts 👍🏼
  5. WPGB

    WTB: 2002

    Thanks for the heads up. I am close to buying a very nice example that is local to me. Will mark the ad as sold once that goes through.
  6. WPGB

    WTB: 2002

    Thank you but I am not pursuing a white car at this time.
  7. WPGB

    WTB: 2002

    PM sent. Thanks so much for sharing this info.
  8. WPGB

    WTB: 2002

    Steve - Thank you for the insight. I’ve revised my wording around rust in the ad. I am indeed pretty new to these cars so I do appreciate the voice of experience. I know e30’s quite well but I’m learning 2002’s have more rust issues given the vintage of these cars. I have a copy of the book you mention and have begun reading it. Thanks again.
  9. Thank you to everyone who has given advice and/or sent me car(s) to check out. This seems to be a great community of people. My search is now over. I was able to pick up a completely restored 1970 2002. The car ended up being more than my initial budget but after seeing it in person I knew I had to move on it. Very excited to begin my ownership experience. ——————————————— I am an e30 guy looking to add a 2002 to the collection. Here are the details about what I'm thinking. Budget: $20,000+/- Must haves: - Rust free or very low rust (surface rust only) - Manual - Open to all colors but white - Enthusiast owned highly preferred - As much history and paperwork on the car as possible - Would prefer a roundie but am open to all clean cars that meet my criteria above. Would love a semi-restored or restored car. The key is that it's a reliable driver and that it has no or very little rust and no weird stories. I get that these cars are very old and know there are no perfect ones at this price point, though. Also, want to avoid eBay deals. I've never bought a car on eBay and would prefer to simply deal with a solid seller in a traditional way. I can travel to see the car, am familiar with buying from a distance and I have a shipper. I am located in North Carolina and want to avoid importing a car into the US, however. Also, will want a PPI done at my expense and at an independent shop close to the seller. Not sure if all of the above is realistic based on my budget, but from what I've seen, this budget should get me close to what I'm looking for. If you have any insight, would love to hear it. Thank you for reading.

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