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  1. Hi, Do you have pictures? Are these 4 lugs - and definitely fit a ‘76 2002 without modification? How much? And cost to ship?
  2. I guess my question Mike - is for those who have done it, would you do it again? And is 5-6 hours for a body guy to do the conversion reasonable? My Uncle was saying that if it is as easy as the Blunttech kit makes it seem, he’s surprised more aren’t doing it.
  3. Wow - your car is stunning! Is that an original paint color? Mine is Fjord Blue and all the reading I’ve done on here says that it’s better to leave the car the original color if at all possible. You did a great job with your bumpers.
  4. Looks great Steven. Are you pretty good with this type of work or is 5-6 hours a reasonable amount of time for most? And what about real world driving? Any concerns parking in tight spots etc. that someone might damage the car because the bumpers offer little protection?
  5. Hi everyone, Appreciate how helpful so many have been thus far. As noted on another post, my Uncle is restoring a 1976 2002 Automatic for me (I never learned to drive a stick!). As we are close to having the body repaired and the whole car painted, I am thinking about doing the bumper conversion to the short stainless steel bumpers. I had a very helpful conversation with Bluntech today, but my Uncle isn’t sure that it’s quite as simple as they make it out to be, even with the kit. Has as anyone here converted a bumper on a 74-76 and a) how many hours did it take you (if you’re not a bumper expert of course) and b) would you do it again? Looks beautiful, but curious as to what it’s like in the real world driving the car around a city with far less protection and more susceptible to body scratches and damage, and does the time & cost involved simply make it not worth doing. Thank you!!
  6. Rochester, NY. Open to pay for shipping.
  7. Hi Everyone! My uncle located a 1976 automatic for me (perfect for me as I sadly never learned to drive a stick)...and he is doing all of the mechanical work on the car. He had several 2002s when I was a kid, and I always loved them. So this is a dream project... Reading through the forums, I was hoping to get some direction on a couple of things: 1) I really like the BBS RS 14 in. wheels. Are these still being made? Where would you recommend that I look for a full set in new or like new condition? I’ve searched online without much success. If not possible, open to other suggestions. 2) We need a complete set of chrome trim for the car. Any idea where to find a set in like new or new condition at a fair price? I really appreciate the help and learning from all of you!
  8. Hi Everyone! I am looking for 4 14in wheels for a ‘76 in excellent or new condition. I really like the BBS RS’ but open to other options in outstanding condition. Thank you!
  9. Hi Everyone, My uncle is working on a ‘76 that he found for me. He had several 2002s when I was a kid, and I just loved them. So it’s been a dream to actually find a car and have him able to do a lot of the restoration (he’s the guru). We are looking for a full set of chrome trim in excellent condition. Appreciate the help in advance!

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