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  1. 2 birds with one stone. Awesome! Hopefully it works out.
  2. That would be awesome. I live in Elk Grove but I would make that trip no problem to talk to a fellow enthusiast. I want to see what it is I’m really about to get into lol. I understand it isn’t for the faint of heart but I’m ready for the challenge. Let me know. If it happens to be next week I’ll drive over in the M3 I’m about to trade in (Thursday) to make this all happen. Thanks Mer


  4. Hello, i just joined the forum and i am a bonafide bimmer junkie. With that said i have yet to purchase a 2002. i currently own a 98 E36 323is and a E90 M3. I absolutely love both vehicles but in order to add a 2002 to the stable i will be parting ways with the M3...very hard decision. With that said i have been scouring many sites and the internet in general in order to get as much info as i can prior to purchasing a vehicle. You can only get so much info while surfing the web, a lot can be learned hands on. With that being said, being local to the area i thought i'd reach out to see if anyone is open to talking shop and viewing a car in person. I'd love to get your take on engine options, suspension upgrades, body shops, the whole nine yards. but most importantly i'd like to view 2002's in any stage of the process in person to have a better idea of what i'm getting myself into! I'm taking the plunge regardless, something about the 02's that i cant escape, but it'd be nice to talk to those who have been there done that prior to. i used to have a 65 C-10 3 on the tree but never a european classic. anyways i'll check back on occasion. thanks Mercaptn
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