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  1. Hi Mike

    headlight problem

    Incredible de dipswitch failure 

    new form pelícan parts


    Fernandi Macan 

  2. Thanks Mike for your advice the dipswitch are the same the connectipn that do you suggest are ok may be short wire Maybe the low beam has the problem I found two white wire go to de front . Im lnstalling now two relay and fuse in line Thanks Mike for your concern
  3. Hi My car is a 1968 2002 Bmw When I turn on the low beam headlight and then Turn on the high beam light ,both remain on . I bought a new dip switch because the old one are broke , repair whith a wire,but the problem still there Thanks for your advice regards Fernando
  4. hello I would like your help my car is a 1968 2002 bmw when i turn on the low headlights and then the high beams the low beams stay on. I installed a new dip switch and the problem remains the low and high beams on when I turn on the high beams thank you for your advices
  5. Hi Seb I need headlight switch for 1968 2002 regards . fermato
  6. Hi Danco thanks for your concern but I get one regqrds
  7. Looking hazard switch in bad condition regards
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