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  1. Same here, prefer the Giulia over the Coupes. But Giulias are expensive! Took some time to do up a small writeup with pictures Hope u all like it https://garage36.wordpress.com/2019/07/18/neue-sensation-1973-bmw-2002/
  2. My '02 developed a "auto lock" feature today. Doors automatically lock once i drive off and unlock once i shut down the car. Never had this before since I bought the car 2 months ago. My E34 doesn't even have this.
  3. I always wonder why the fan blades are not spaced out equally.
  4. Want to buy / Want to find RHD floor mats. Been trawling ebay and the internets for RHD floor mats and nothing seems to come up. Even a custom floor mat maker (Karo) in Japan do not have the right template for RHD cars. anyone know where i can find some RHD floor mats? OEM in black will be ideal.
  5. Couid this be the same car? (Starting grid at Pasir Gudang)
  6. Is there still the oem bushing kit available? Will require that + steering linkage bits too.
  7. Sorry to bring up this old thread but is it ok if i fitted either springs to stock shocks? Just want a slightly lower car with minimal compromise to ride. Slightly improved handling will be a bonus. (Or should i just chop 1 coil off each spring?) Won't be tracking of going too hardcore with this car (There's the M5 for that), this will be the more leisurely ride. Anyone with pictures of either setup? Think mine sits too high.
  8. Sounds like a plan. How much are you looking for both? Not too sure what you mean by coordinate shipping though.
  9. Help my left is all rotted Require shipping to singapore as well.
  10. Looking for a working wiper motor for a 1973 '2002 Will require international shipping to Singapore
  11. Yes the top speed seemed rather optimistic hahaha
  12. Found a local illustrator and got this done up
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