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  1. Couid this be the same car? (Starting grid at Pasir Gudang)
  2. Is there still the oem bushing kit available? Will require that + steering linkage bits too.
  3. Sorry to bring up this old thread but is it ok if i fitted either springs to stock shocks? Just want a slightly lower car with minimal compromise to ride. Slightly improved handling will be a bonus. (Or should i just chop 1 coil off each spring?) Won't be tracking of going too hardcore with this car (There's the M5 for that), this will be the more leisurely ride. Anyone with pictures of either setup? Think mine sits too high.
  4. Sounds like a plan. How much are you looking for both? Not too sure what you mean by coordinate shipping though.
  5. Help my left is all rotted Require shipping to singapore as well.
  6. Looking for a working wiper motor for a 1973 '2002 Will require international shipping to Singapore
  7. Yes the top speed seemed rather optimistic hahaha
  8. Found a local illustrator and got this done up
  9. Washed the daily driver and managed to get them together for a photo op "Big Bertha" & "Alicia Silverstone"
  10. Yup. Mine is 4200021. I think there's still some red underneath :x Do u guys redline your cars? Cos mine feels like it will rattle itself apart when i push it too hard. Very different feel from the M5 which just loves to be pulled all the way up.
  11. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. Will be sure to take more pictures one day. So er... does anyone know how to fix the busted rear plate light? Mine only lights up on one side. Changing bulbs don't help.
  12. So this just happened. It's a car I've been wanting for many many years but (because I'm in Singapore) never thought I'd ever be able to afford one since they are extremely rare here. The plan was to save up for an Alfetta GT or GTV by the end of this year, but as usual, things don't always go according to plan and this '02 came up. It was slightly more than what I had planned to spend on an Alfetta and eventually, I caved. She ain't perfect but she's pretty well sorted and I know her previous owner spent quite an amount bringing her to this current state. May I present, Alicia Silverstone the single carb 2002. Manufactured on August 27th, 1973 and delivered on September 13th, 1973 to Singapore. The original colour was Golf, paint code 070. It was a car I knew of from many years ago. This was how it looked 10 years ago in 2009. Then it was repainted red a few years later. Many owners later, my friend picked her up and the end result is the silver car on top. Now she's mine and sometimes, I still cannot believe it. One of my dream cars and enjoying every drive. She's really really slow, but I love the drive and I'm still learning about the car as I go along. She will be the weekend cruiser. The daily driver is an E34 M5.
  13. Sent u a PM if it's still available.
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