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  1. Most especially the plastic box , cables, fan and motor , levers and cables . I’ll buy your heat exchanger too to keep it whole and simple.
  2. That is the one part of the core I do not want. Do you have the remaining box, levers, fan, motor ,etc to sell ?
  3. Thanks ! I ended up using a Dremel tool... I didn’t enlarge the hole as much I just thinned the fiberboard . Which turned out working quite will... I will give you the credit / inspiration for just removing some material with abrasives -Dan
  4. The holes are so small that it is not possible to do more start twisting it in . Maybe 1/8 of a turn - without more purchase than the human hand can provide . Any tool will snap the plastic fastener. The old cards are ... old . They’ve obviously been removed and reinstalled so many times that the holes are distorted . I will expend the new holes gradually with a little abrasive Sand paper
  5. I have new door cards from Walloth Nesch . Bought 24 new green fasteners . The old ones were soft , flabby and flopping around loosely. PROBLEMS 1.The New cards have no pre cut holes for the window cranks , grab handles etc. probably to account for variation in fitment . Is there a best practice and or a recommended tool to cut / punch the vinyl? 2. The pre cut fiber board holes for green fasteners are so tight I do not know how to proceed : pliers break the fasteners ; is there a special tool? or do I enlarge the holes ?
  6. 1972 tii I have nearly isolated an problem: [email protected] fuse that controls the interior lights and clock blows In the following scenario : when ; The ignition switch is key switch is Turned on / powering the electrical system with or without a running engine , and; the driver’s side door interior light switch is actuated . My question for you is : Can this be a fault in the door jamb interior Plunger switch itself ? Is this a common problem ? Is the magic silver bullet a simple part swap ? Or will I need to dig a little deeper and find a short circuit / bare wire somewhere ? dan
  7. Call me a fellow oddball , I Love Sahara beige . mine is Ceylon , but it wasn’t my first choice
  8. The business end of that guy’s crack pipe is hot to the touch
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