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  2. That would have been easier. I ended up stretching it to fit by installing both ends with one corner bumper removed and then levering the corner piece into place on the center piece. Was rather difficult but it seems to fit together nicely now it’s in place.
  3. Rear bumper done. Starting to look better. Had to drill all new holes for it. Next up new wheels, free form headlights and front bumper (waiting on one new iron for that).
  4. I see. Gluing would make sense. The clips are white. Sourced from Germany. They seem to work.
  5. Thanks! Had no idea realoem also had classics listed. Very helpful. now just wondering about these rear fender bolt hole locations.
  6. odl21


  7. Thanks! Those are now on. The seals are not particularly tight but seems ok. Seems like I need to drill new holes in the rear fenders to mount the euro rear bumper as the bumper irons bring it closer to the car and hence the side bolts need to be further forward. Is that expected? I’m also struggling to fit the new bumper rubber to the assembed bumper. It’s about an inch too short. and can anyone point me to place to order the rubber seal around the center grill section? Mine is perished and looks bad. thanks.
  8. Hello, Just signed up after taking ownership of a 73tii. seems to be a nice car that runs and rides well but I have a few little jobs before I can register it in my country (switzerland). While I'm waiting, I'm in the process of installing new bumpers and sill/rocker lower trim strips. I have a pack of installation hardware for front and rear bumpers (euro spec bumpers) but its not that clear to me where each bolt and washer should be used. is there a diagram somewhere? next problem is the 3 strips of grey rubber seal for the stainless lower side trim. where exactly do they go? the old ones that I removed had no rubber seals at all. many thanks for any help,

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