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  1. I finally have a weekend off and was wondering if anyone here is going? I’ve noticed doza59 has been trying to organize a group for this C&C and am down to join this weekend! hope everyone had an awesome 4th haran
  2. Thank you so much for reaching out Doza! I unfortunately have to work that whole weekend otherwise I would make it out there. Are there any other classic car or bmw meets coming up soon? i didn’t realize I could attach pics before so I went ahead and did so this time
  3. I’m Haran and I moved to Denver less than a year ago from SC. Happy owner of a 1975 2002. It’s spent it’s entire life on the east coast and I was wondering if there are any other 2002 owners here in town. Would love to meet up at a C&C in town sometime and connect.
  4. Haran


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