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  1. send dm and we can talk further
  2. 4x4.5 so 4x114.3 price is negotiable
  3. sorry for the late reply but its 4 X 114.3 the adapters were 4x100 to 4x4.5
  4. you are correct sorry about that fixing it now
  5. pretty sure 4x100 judging by the bolt pattern on stock mk2s
  6. Hi everyone I decided to sell these wheels that i brought with my gti mk2 project it makes it look like a hot rod and they are to wide. hoping someone can enjoy them on a 2002 . I dont really know about wheels but when i messaged compomotive what i got was 4x4.5 8x13 et-spec 6 and 4x 4 1/2 pcd and made somewhere in the 80s. For the age they are almost new. I am asking $1000 USD for the set, and will ship at buyers expense tires need to be changed so im just throwing them in. Had them under the wrong size fixed Any questions, feel free to post, or PM me. Thanks! picture of my mk2 with them on also note havent been washed car been siting tags are from 2017 Probably the only one that looks bad imo For being like 25+ not in bad shape
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