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  1. Thanks for this. Did you leave out a link for the NOS nosepiece perhaps? Im preparing myself for a shocker of a price..
  2. I just got some pictures of the shell - does this look like a post '74 front panel to you folks?
  3. what is not to like about that.. really nice! thank you all for the very helpful information!
  4. thanks-so if we assume we are not going to finagle or massage, am i correct in summarising that we would need a '70-'73 front panel, rear quarter panels and the rear panel in order to convert a euro square to a roundie?
  5. Thanks. I was told it was a 1973 but he may be mistaken must be 1974 or later. So would I have to replace the front panel as well? Or can it be adapted to accept the 1972 grills and centre kidney / bumper? Also when you say the rear qtr panels are reinforced, do you mean reinforced on the square light shell?, does that mean no action needed, or does the reinforcement affect interior trim fit etc? I must clarify these are euro cars. Would that make any difference?
  6. Hi folks, did a search and couldnt find an answer.. apart from the obvious difference with the rear panel, are there any other differences between the bodyshell of say a '72 roundie versus a '73 square light 2002, would it be possible to use the '73 bodyshell and transplant everything from the '72 into it (having welded in the correct rear panel) thanks
  7. Hi O2Les, thanks for the links - was hoping to get some a little bit cheaper if possible..
  8. ok - over to the wanted ads then. IF you know anyone with euro lenses taking up space.. thanks!
  9. Hello folks, Im looking for 2 (either side) euro spec and (ie. flush) front turn signal / indicator housings please - NOS / restored condition please. I have two originals on my car but they are rotten so just wondering what is out there. Gaskets optional. I am based in Europe (ireland). thanks
  10. Hi folks, I came across one slightly ambiguous post on this so figured Id ask directly - can the front turn signal/indicator housing be disassembled, to remove the lens and bulb housing from the chrome surround? as the attached picture shows, mine is rusted to hell (please ignore the dead gasket also) Id like to refurbish mine if at all possible, but I cant see any obvious way of separating the subcomponents from a quick poke with a screwdriver..:
  11. just to update you guys-spraying starter fluid in the carb a few times got the car started again. once on, the fuel gauge jumped to half full-so assuming sender is working it must have been petrol evaporating as you said. Thanks for the help!!
  12. thanks for helpful notes guys. yes the temperature has been pretty hot over the past week. ill give those steps a shot today.
  13. Hi folks, Car ('72 automatic) is about to be stripped, had it laying up for over a week on the driveway while away on holidays, and this evening she wont start (engine is turning over fine, but just fails to fire). The fuel gauge is reading empty when I turn on the ignition (but i can hear fuel sloshing in the tank and I had topped it up with a few litres recently) - does the reading only come good when the engine starts or should i expect a reading with ignition on / engine off? Also, I just discovered this leak underneath the car, any ideas why might be wrong before I take a closer look in daylight tomorrow morning?:
  14. Hmm, so Im guessing the consensus is centre wiper in the pic is purely vanity and not the way to go.. 😋 I honestly have no opinion on how it looks, just made me curious as to whether there existed some wiper upgrades out there worth doing.. I find the original wipers are not that effective on my 2002 even after replacing the rubbers. They just seem a bit sluggish. Might be just my ones though..
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