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  1. Hello folks,Im looking for an E21 Getrag 245 /5 to transfer to my automatic '72 2002 please.Based in Europe (as I think shipping costs will be prohibitive from anywhere else..) and the more bits the better as Im looking for hydraulics and mounts too as its a full conversion.thanks a lot.
  2. 2002ftw

    Rear defrost switch location?

    For my car at least, there are heating line elements on the rear glass and a wire connector. Will be interesting to see if it all works though.
  3. Hello folks, I am looking to start identifying the full list of parts needed to convert my automatic 2002 over to a manual. Before posting here I have read through some guides here including this really good one (http://www.bimmers.com/02/upgrades/transmission.html) but what I didnt see was part numbers for the transmissions. Im hoping to obtain exact part numbers for the 1) Getrag 245 5 speed close ratio dogleg, 2) the Getrag 245 5 speed with overdrive, and, 3) if I am not successful in either of those, the 2002 4 speed manual box, so at least I know exactly what Im looking for when browsing adverts etc. Also some idea about where these markings are on the unit, would be great.. Are these part numbers global, or might they vary by region (Im in Europe) Finally do all of the G245s above have mechanical speedometer output? can anybody help ? thanks a lot.
  4. 2002ftw

    Rear defrost switch location?

    Hi folks, many thanks for all of the insightful responses, so here is the shot of the dash on mine, I note some lack of labelling, for example on the red "Brake" light..the right most guage for fuel etc, and around the other knobs, not sure if the cigarette lighter knob is stock/option or an aftermarket addition, it looks larger than the other 3.. the car is not with me right now but I will be sure to try pulling out the fan speed knob in the hopes that something happens, I will keep you posted! I should also mention this is a United Kingdom car originally (at least I think it is!), and currently based in Ireland, where there is lots of opportunity for foggy windows due to all the rain and misty days..
  5. Hello folks, I just purchased a 1972 2002 and hoping to restore it, and it appears to have some previous work done to some of the electrics and centre spotlights added also. Im trying to document all electrical problems before stripping the car, and one of the items on my list is to check if the rear demist / defrost is still working or not. The only problem is - I cant seem to locate the switch and as a 2002 newbie Im not really sure what Im looking for! Im wondering if the switch was repurposed for the spot lights but I cant be sure. My next port of call was to start tracing the wires from the rear window forwards but thought I might ask here first to save some time, can anybody shed some light on where the switch should be located in the cabin? Many thanks. Will