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  1. Hmm, so Im guessing the consensus is centre wiper in the pic is purely vanity and not the way to go.. 😋 I honestly have no opinion on how it looks, just made me curious as to whether there existed some wiper upgrades out there worth doing.. I find the original wipers are not that effective on my 2002 even after replacing the rubbers. They just seem a bit sluggish. Might be just my ones though..
  2. So you have a single centre wiper setup, or you retained the 2 wiper oem setup and just swapped the blades?
  3. Would you recommend it for a daily driver?
  4. Yes indeed it is RHD. The wiper in the picture above does not appear original though so was wondering if there was a better configuration/upgrade.
  5. Is it something you have seen done in the flesh before yourself? We get a lot of rain where i live.
  6. Im inclined to agree. I have a low miler Peugeot 205 and totally stock since 1989, it would be a shame to change that, so I can see where the purists are coming from. But the 2002 Im working on / the one I ultimately want to own is a blank canvas for rebuild and is going to hopefully be a daily driver with some personal tweaks to improve the driving experience for me at least.
  7. Hello folks, attached for your pleasure is a lovely 2002 I saw on the internet.. one thing I noticed (wings and mirrors aside) was the single windscreen wiper.. Assuming the owner is not already on here can anybody hazard a guess at what was done here? I get the impression thats a pretty modern upgrade. Cheers
  8. It might be the camera / phone playing tricks, but that looks like a pretty warm white LED? Do you mind me asking what headlamp model you opted for? Also, do you have LED bulbs in the orange side repeater/indicator lights (dunno what you guys call those in the US)?
  9. Yes indeed, right hand drive configuration (Ireland). I was aware of it but thanks for the heads up as it could be easy to forget! Thanks to all for the tips. Im going to probably go for a full swapout rather than just getting bulbs but still deciding the style I want to go for.
  10. Hi folks, I know headlight upgrades are a popular option on the forum, but just wondering if anybody has gone for LED headlights such as these (I know some of you might shake your heads at the sight of LED headlights on a 2002, but Im curious!): https://www.rigidindustriesshop.co.uk/products/7-rnd-hl-non If so is there much work involved with wiring? Any advice appreciated. Will
  11. Thank you very much for the responses above. Really helpful. Im also checking out that FAQ article. I wonder if I might just stick with the standard one and see what its like as its potentially quite a few parts I need to source for the 3.91 swapout.
  12. Hi folks, I know this is an old topic, but Im looking at the 245/5 transmission swap for my auto 2002 and am intrigued by the 3.91 diff swap - I want to retain as much "snappy" acceleration as possible (as well as upgrading power output on the motor) - as a newbie, is this 3.91 differential an aftermarket part or from another bmw model? Can anybody help me with who might supply these kind of parts?
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