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  1. I would really like something with an over drive 5th. I hear a lot about the Getrag 245. So that is what I was thinking. I think modifying the bell-housing yo accept a 235 clutch fork would be the best. Just curious if anyone has done this before
  2. We have a 68 1600 with the original 4 speed. We would like to do rally’s with it and are opting for a 5 speed. We really like the originality of the car and don’t want to change the pedal box. It has a mechanical clutch and was wondering what can be done to make a 5 speed work with this. Anyway here is a photo of the car all help would be great thanks!
  3. Looking for a 1600 Abarth and or Ansa header and exhaust. Trying to build a period car. Thanks Ryan
  4. Thanks Steve I’ve been checking ebay regularly and quite often as well! But have no luck. If you ever feel the need or want to sell a set let me know they would be out to good use on my wife’s car
  5. I have a set of 13” Ragno campagnolo wheels for our 1600. I was wondering if anyone knows of any other wheel studs that will work besides the original campagnolo studs. I don’t have original ones and don’t know where to get them. Any help would be great! Thanks
  6. Looking for a complete set of campagnolo lug nuts for my Bmw. Let me know what you have
  7. Looking for 1600ti intake manifolds to run Weber. I know Ireland and other 2002 intakes will fit but I prefer to have the smaller ports to match the head. Anyway let me know what you got! thanks Ryan
  8. Okay all well this is what I ended up doing. Made a salad washer to go between the wheel and Column bearing to keep it from rubbing the column surround. Then counterbored the center of the steering wheel to roughly the same depth as the stock. Fixed... done
  9. The rubber rag joint is fine. The original wheel that came off had no play in and out. I think I’m just going to machine the steering wheel to fit. There must be some small differences in the column surround between the NK and the 02 series.
  10. Okay so here is what I have. This is what I am thinking. The wheel lightly rubs the column surround so it will need a spacer which will make my thread engagement worse. I am thinking of adding a spacer between the wheel and then machining a counter bore in the center to allow for more thread engagement. Let me know what you guys think.
  11. Hello All I just recently got a 1968 bmw 1600-2. I have seen the Neue Klasse Steering wheels mounted on the sedans before. I tried to fit it last night but found that the spline thickness is thicker than the original and won't allow the threaded stub to stick through far enough to but the nut and wave washer on. I don't know if I need more parts off of a NK series car or what. Anyway I Thought I would reach out to you guys and see if you know what I'm missing. I tried to do a search on here but couldn't find much so if this has already been posted please accept my apology. Thanks Ryan
  12. Looking for a set on campagno wheels. If anyone has a set or knows of a set please let me know. Thanks Ryan 908 894 8075
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