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  1. mz_90292

    Recaro 9c3

    Thanks for the link, it’s much appreciated. I’ll make sure to check those out. Cheers.
  2. mz_90292

    Recaro 9c3

    Hello, New to the forum, so hello. E21 Recaro seats seem near impossible to find and I’ve found the waitlist with places like Aardvark to be 100 deep. Does anyone have any experience with the Recaro 9c3 seats that were factory options for police Luminas? They look similar to the E21 seat, but are readily available and then having new upholstery fit, seem like they could be a good fit. Also at $300-500 seem like a decent choice for refurbishment. Thanks for the help (and seriously I’m hoping there isn’t a thread already about this. I tried the search function up top, but feel free to school me otherwise). Cheers! -Matt
  3. mz_90292

    1969 1602 NEVADA VIN#1569746

    Hello, I’m interested in the Nevada. What would be the price with the brown interior added? Thanks, Matt