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  1. Where are you located. Im in Seattle. I have a buddy that may want this
  2. SWFisher

    MY 71 BMW 2002 Project for Sale

    Thank you for the information. I could have sworn I searched everything but I did find it. I was able to update the post.
  3. SWFisher

    MY 71 BMW 2002 Project for Sale

    Thanks Conner. Really appreciate the kind words. Does anybody know a good way to update the text on the site without deleting the post and resubmitting a new one.
  4. SWFisher

    MY 71 BMW 2002 Project for Sale

    2k2tii Love to sell it to you. Im in Edmonds Wa. Are you close
  5. I'm selling a beautiful 1971 BMW 2002 project car. Thousands spent already. Included are 2 cars and 2 drive trains,and almost all the parts to put them back together. The background newer square tail car was being used as a reference car. It has front left fender damage. I have a new nose clip for it. Come see if your interested. Primary car has had a complete down to bare metal paint job (se attached images) lots of documented photos, 2 clear titles . So many new and restored parts. To many to speak of. I will continue to work on the car if it does not sell but the price will be adjusted according to its completion. Thanks for your interest.