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  1. al2002tnz

    Turbo Decal’s

    Thank you ...
  2. al2002tnz

    Turbo Red VDO Gauge

    Has anyone used wood stain rather than paint to re-furbish/color the Turbo dash, reading the restoration book it says they were stained and not painted ?
  3. Hi are the 2002 Turbo wheels still available ?
  4. al2002tnz

    Turbo Decal’s

    Thanks yes unsure whether to just apply letter decals on top of stripe or to get decals made up that are printed as one.
  5. al2002tnz

    Turbo Decal’s

    Hello can anyone tell me if the turbo and 2002 lettering on front decal is over stickered from factory or printed within original decal from Factory ? Looking to incorporate the reverse Turbo and 2002 but want to ensure use correct version of decal. Thanks
  6. al2002tnz

    Turbo Steel Rims, perfect for flares!

    Thanks, I am interested but the cost of shipping to New Zealand may make it not worthwhile, what is the lowest offer you could accept ?
  7. al2002tnz

    Turbo Steel Rims, perfect for flares!

    Hi did you ever sell these ?
  8. al2002tnz


    Recently purchased to keep my 1M company...
  9. al2002tnz

    Turbo steel wheel correct colors?

    Would love to source some of these original wheels if anyone knows any contacts or has some hidden away don’t need anymore ..
  10. al2002tnz

    Turbo Red VDO Gauge

    Anyone got one of these spare available for me to buy or can anyone advise exact color to re-paint at all ?