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  1. Was this a single decal piece or two parts, who stocks OEM version ?
  2. Thanks Steve, based in this maybe I should stick with the square type.
  3. Thanks, can the round one’s still be sourced ?
  4. Can someone please tell me if the washer fluid bottle in the 2002 Turbo was square or round style from factory ?
  5. All the cars I see including mine seem to be missing the plug from front spoiler where the tow hook hole is located, can new plugs be sourced ?
  6. Actually not really boot rather rear below bootlid ...
  7. Anyone possibly got an original vgc roundel badge for 2002 Turbo rear they would like to sell me ?
  8. I am still looking for corrected dated 5.5 steel rims for my Turbo, any leads or anyone possibly know of any stashed away somewhere ?
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