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  1. Has anyone re-painted 2002 Turbo Steel Wheels and if so what paint make / color codes did you use ? I am looking to match close to original wheel color but color cards at my wheel paint shop they have provided are not that great ?
  2. Hi how much to ship a set to New Zealand please ?
  3. Thanks can you post any pictures ? How much to ship a pair to New Zealand ?
  4. Hi Saul, can you still get reproduction sun visors left and right ?
  5. Hi Steve, yes a correctly dated set still with the original 2002 Turbo two tone paint.
  6. I just recently sourced a set of 5 original 2002 Turbo Steel wheels, they are out there....
  7. Does anyone have an original set of the side stripes, I am keen to see if the Blue next to Purple is light or dark blue and also if the word turbo is in light blue or purple color, I have seen various versions and keen to know which is actually correct ?
  8. Hi still got the 2002 Turbo wheel lug nuts for sale ?.......
  9. Have you still got your 2002 Turbo Wheel lug nuts for sale ?
  10. Hi can someone please advise how much these wheels are worth, thinking of selling. Thanks
  11. Have now located an original set of 5 Turbo Steel Wheels, thanks.
  12. Thanks unless your in New Zealand like me !
  13. Have you got any round 2002 VDO Washer Bottles currently ?
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