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  1. Thanks unless your in New Zealand like me !
  2. Have you got any round 2002 VDO Washer Bottles currently ?
  3. Here are pics of the dog leg 5 speed gearbox in my 2002 Turbo that apparently came from a 2002tii, anyone recognise type looking at the pics?
  4. Thanks, tii owner is not looking to change/upgrade for now but at least I know its whereabouts for now.
  5. Thanks for all your input guys, i have traced the owner of the 2002 tii which has my 4 speed so will just keep an eye on it for now, ideally would retain the dog leg and also have the 4 speed original, best of both worlds ..
  6. Should I retain the 5 speed dog leg from tii swap or revert back to original 4 speed box, interested in people’s thoughts ?
  7. I have a 5 speed dog leg gearbox in my 2002 Turbo that originally came from a 2002tii that was swapped for my 4 speed box many years ago. Would this likely be same box that was an option for 2002 Turbo ?
  8. I am still looking for correctly original dated 5.5 steel rims for my Turbo, any leads or anyone possibly know of any stashed away somewhere ?
  9. Thanks, I am in NZ. Thinking I’ll do half plate so just need to work out how to affix.
  10. I am getting my 2002 Turbo front spoiler re-painted with new decals etc and keen to know how people are fixing license plates to spoiler. I notice in original 2002 Turbo press shot that its mounted high to allow flow of air through the large wide hole, as half plate sits on spoiler and half above wondering if there was a special mounting bracket ?
  11. Was this a single decal piece or two parts, who stocks OEM version ?
  12. Thanks Steve, based in this maybe I should stick with the square type.
  13. Thanks, can the round one’s still be sourced ?

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