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  1. First you call out what gearing this LSD has, without even knowing that information. That’s trolling. Now you’re asking me to donate money to somebody I don’t know? That’s really poor form.
  2. thanks for the bump, appreciate it.
  3. and yes, shipping is indeed expensive.
  4. this guy is spreading bullsh!t. He doesn’t know what gearing it has. I had never even talked to him when he made this comment. this LSD is a 3.64 ratio out of an e21
  5. tii fuel pump expansion jar bracket + rubber dampener mounts 3 mounts are brand new $225 shipped Retails for $281.47 (see last pic)
  6. 54129634110 - crank 07119932072 - washer 54129634114 - button 07119906407 - screw NLA
  7. Must have an April or May 1973 casting. The block could be near 2764000.
  8. 2 handles $17 shipped
  9. $60 shipped

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