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  1. Previous owner only ran the boat in fresh water - had it out a few days before I bought it. He was not the first owner, so who knows, but the engine doesn't really look like it has seen a lot of use at all. I pulled the manifold and it is clean, so hasn't seen salt in a long time if ever.
  2. uai - thank you! That is information I doubt I would have been able to find! mike - The exhaust manifold is indeed water cooled, pretty cool with BMW markings all over it. I agree that I love the intake with the USCG approval stampings in the air cleaner covers (zoom in and you can see them) jimk - the images are large enough that if you click on it you can then zoom in and read the plate on the valve cover.
  3. My apologies guys - I did a search on this site AFTER posting the pictures and questions - I am embarrassed to be that guy, I swear I know better! A couple of hours of good reading though. Thanks for the responses. '76mintgrün'02 - That is not the same boat as I own, cool to see though! Reinell built boats in the PNW and installed BMW Marine systems in several models from what I can tell. I figured the cam would need to be changed, but this engine seems to have very low hours on it, so if the boat isn't restorable (haven't inspected the transom as of yet) then I will pull the system and either install it into another vintage boat or look at if it could be modified and installed in my roundie. I thought you guys might want to see it. I have a half dozen vintage Beemer bikes, the '71 Roundie, a BMW powered boat, so all I am missing is an airplane and I am set!
  4. I purchase a boat with a BMW Marine engine and inboard. I am wondering if anyone knows much about these? There isn't a lot of information out there that I have found. Could this engine be installed into a 2002? What changes aside from the obvious (remove the propellor!) would be required? I am not sure that the boat itself is worth the restoration, but the engine is spotless!

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