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  1. Great thread, good luck on this project! You're gonna need more fuel. The A4 pump is tuned with a curve matched to the demands of those ITBs. If you can replicate the Alpina intake, presumably an Alpina-spec pump curve would get you in the ballpark. So long as you can find a Kugelfischer wizard to whip up a hotter pump for you, or otherwise alter your linkage to create a similar effect. We chose to overlay a standalone EFI system that could be effectively tuned. It wasn't straightforward but we're almost done with round 2 of testing and revision. Past my bedtime but happy to talk more about this soon, relevant to my interests. 😁
  2. This is great. Thanks again Harry. I just spoke with Ian made his day to hear guys still remember his E21. He confirmed he bought the car from Tim and said he had a copy of that European Car issue featuring the car but sadly it went missing years ago.
  3. With the chassis on the rotisserie we moved on to the motor. It was frozen solid. Things were pretty crusty on the exterior, and once open it was apparent water had entered the cylinders at some point in time. Months prior Max had attempted the ol' MM oil trick (or trans fluid? I don't recall) hoping to soak down the bores and maybe free them. It was all still sitting on top of the pistons. In the end we were able to drive the pistons out from beneath. They weren't pretty, but we crossed our fingers and boxed the motor up to transport to our machinist, hoping the bores on this numbers matching motor would clean up. We are lucky to have a great local engine builder who's been doing M10s for vintage racing for many years. He stays quite busy, so we dropped off and started the clock while carrying on with other work.
  4. Thank you! We actually used a 123 early on. I think it's a great solution for folks running a more stock setup. The crank-trigger system with modern coils offers a lot more tuning options. P.s. I lived in Santa Cruz county ( Boulder Creek) years ago. Right off Hwy 9. Boy do I miss those roads. The rest of it's pretty nice too! Want to get back out there for some rallies soon. I know you have a great 2002 meet in the Bay Area every year as well. Hope to meet some of you northern CA guys in the not too distant future.
  5. That's awesome, thanks for the info Harry! I'll tell the owner Ian, I suspect he bought it from Tim and may not know that it had the H&B before. I have a set of 15x7 Weds here that look just like those H&Bs, they didn't end up on the Bristol car also because of Alpinas! Maybe they should go on the E21... Do you know is there is any info online about the car? I haven't found anything. We would love to get our hands on old pictures etc. It's definitely a keeper for the current owner, I haven't told him about the response here on the FAQ but he'll be tickled to learn people still know it.
  6. Ha yes we're pretty far down the rabbit hole with this induction system! I had planned to address this later in the build thread but since you asked, here goes: This is the original #s matching M10 top to bottom, fitted with her original KF pump pushing fuel to new injectors in the factory intake manifold. That manifold mates to a tubular adapter manifold carrying 45mm ITBs. Those ITBs carry secondary EFI injectors upstream of the MFI set: these supplement fueling as required. We adapted the stock linkage pivot assembly to actuate the ITBs, with a cable replacing the connection from pedal to motor. Now she's a "twin injected international" πŸ™ƒ EFI fueling and that coil-per-plug ignition is controlled by a modern standalone system, signaled via crank and cam triggers built using commonly available Ford EDIS parts, and receiving data from TPS, IAT, Baro, ECT, FP, OP and OT sensors. The ECU receives O2 data via CAN line for closed loop control. Dynamic timing provides lots of benefits, including idle control and stabilization, working in concert with an E30 IAC valve. We can also operate with blended TPS/MAP control, which improves idle, tip-in and part throttle conditions. Oh and we can manage our cooling fan via pulse-width modulation for fun. The ITBs breathe through Kooglewerks cast intake elbows and his handsome recreation of the Alpina A2 plenum. This is ducted to an airbox mounted beneath the coils, which pulls fresh air from behind the grill through a hole we placed in the front panel beside the radiator. Retrofitted ITBs are often a compromise setup, and we wanted to develop something that really added to the driving experience across the board. The system had to cold start, idle, and behave at all times, while also providing more power, better response, and that killer induction howl. It's resulted in a pretty crazy system, but IMO no crazier than the cost and difficulty sourcing an Alpina ITB setup with the necessary pump and hardware. Plus we've gained a much better ignition and idle control system. Obviously this would have been easier if we took the MFI out of the equation... but as @Forrest_KoogleWerks says you gotta β€œkeep a tii a tii”, so here we are 😁 The setup you see here is V2 and we're headed back to the dyno this week for tuning. During previous testing she put down 138hp to the wheels and I believe 134 lbs/ft running an earlier, less intelligent system (distributor ignition, less sophisticated FI module). I wasn't satisfied with the idle quality and manners of that setup. Those issues were resolved with the current system and I think the crank trigger ignition and higher resolution mapping will gain us some more power. I'd be happy in the 140s at the wheels with this mild cam, and 10:1 91mm bore. Our goal with this is optimal driveability, and good torque delivery vs. peak power. However, all this development work has me itching to apply the lessons learned to a turbocharged M10... maybe soon! If you and other members are interested, I could start a seperate thread about this ITB system development. It was a project within a project!
  7. Stunning! I agree it is a challenge to capture, so so pretty in person. I love the difference in tone from photo #5 to 6, shade to full sun πŸ₯° Oh yes this car is nearly complete, she needs to be ready for a debut in late March at Sebring. I'm working now to wrap up details! I'll be adding chunks of the build process as I find time to post in the evenings. Here she is as of last week.
  8. By all means, come by if you're back in town. Since we're not really a "service" shop (though happy to take on smaller jobs) we kept the address unlisted to limit distractions. Just DM or call beforehand and I'll make sure you can get here!
  9. Thank you! P.S. would love to see some photos of your Turkis CSi 😍
  10. LOL yes I believe that one has been listed for while... Neuteil getestet! 750 euro per NOS injector... 😯
  11. Ya I found those guys previously, wonder if anyone here has any experience with their parts? It is (only a little) surprising that there new stock replacement injectors are not more readily available. Guess just used less frequently than those found in MB Porsche etc.
  12. I'll take your word for it! Duly corrected. Come to think of it I don't think they are coded that way in ETK... wonder where all the E10 parlance started? I have 8 recently serviced if you're looking for a core swap 😜 Some old lines too but they make me nervous. Was very happy with the set of lines we sourced from La Jolla Independent. The final form of our Tii system is far from OE, so we settled on a set of new injectors with adapters from Roger's Tii. Thought the rebuilt DLO 20Ds would go to better use for factory restorations. Our Tii motor re-assembled with the stock system prior to ITBs. *that's not the final KF pump oil line, new OE replacement 11 42 1 254 047 was fitted but did require a thicker washer behind the banjo to clear the pump top plate and seat fully The hens teeth injectors:
  13. Random tidbit from parts stuff this week. I'm always intrigued by classic parts availability with BMW NA/AG. IMO they do a pretty good job stocking a lot of components at least for the 02, but inevitably you find a few on what we used to call at the Motorrad shop "intergalactic backorder" πŸ‘Ύ A textbook example: Bosch MFI injectors for the Tii. No USA stock, no German stock, no ETA. Just one sad little backorder, for just one injector, waiting patiently for all time. *on a brighter note, there are 12 Tii front hubs in stock in the German warehouse
  14. Now that's cool. I thought from the pics there might be some more sophisticated equipment involved. I haven't had the chance to work with EDM yet but this has renewed my interest. Just started clicking through your touring build, looks like great work!
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