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  1. This is a hand tool not air . You hammer the end of it and it creates a impact that shouldn’t harm the slot like a air tool would . I used one on my locked up door striker bolts . Success! Where fluid did nothing
  2. Perhaps use one of these nifty tools after the penetration fluid soaks .
  3. Lol . I was never going there to begin with. Just having fun. I have one and for me one is enough otherwise they start breaking down . They get jealous of one another and fight for attention
  4. Took a left hand turn on a already green light at a decent speed and during the excitement I noticed some teenage boys waiting for the crosswalk sign to give them the go ahead. They bark out. I LOVE YOUR CAR! .. made me smile.
  5. lowniss37

    Free parts

    The down pipe would be handy for someone wanting to taking a shot at welding their own 02 sensor bung into place.
  6. Priorities only need to sweep the leaves out when they become a problem and cover all your 02 parts !
  7. Beautiful car! I remember all the family trips we took in a Bavaria when I was young . This was a corvette killer in its time . My dad had a few guys dropping their jaws going wth just happened . Someone grab this baby.
  8. Hard to beat the cool copper color on a Schwarz
  9. is that a whole rear end setup sitting by the couch? Awesome!
  10. anyone else notice the temp is running hot but oh wait the car runs great per ad haha nope..

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