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  1. Those coil overs are worth bank. Don't sell cheap
  2. Wire came in today to remake my double Bowden cable.
  3. Must of installed those sport versions that shake all your guts loose
  4. Haha. Oh yee of little faith. It’s all in the prep work This storage tote is the winner for the radiator and just fits under tow hooks. Not a drop hit the garage floor. For the block I used a special black roasting pan ( love you mom! Sorry!! ) It clears the steering linkage. Shout out to my Samsung TV box for lending a hand and being a splash barrier so my frame rail stays dry. Mop stayed in closet. Phewww!
  5. Radiator drained, block drained, hoses disconnected from heater core inlet and outlet. You know what time it is!
  6. Pleasantly surprised to see this deflector. opened the sunroof for the first time since I’ve had my car . (Dec purchase)
  7. Marchal’s mounted up with success and clear with opened hood. Next is getting a switch and relay.
  8. I found some go kart weld on parts to use for my home made fog brackets . Pitman arm steering part here has a nice rounded end. I just center punch and drilled out the hole. The Marchal upper cone wedge spacer fits the O.D. Perfectly . Did not have to trim off any of the length either . Mig welded it to some 1/8” scrap I had and drilled the two holes to mount behind the grill. Bolted up it fits perfectly so the grill can slide on and off and I did not have to cut out the plastic vertical web on the 74-76 grill.
  9. Hope everyone made it there safely . Amazing run of cars.
  10. Easter Sunday, I am thankful for my mint Marchal’s I landed off the Bay for 55 each
  11. lowniss37


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