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  1. the "cough" reseller has this car on Ebay for 17,9k now haha.
  2. lowniss37


    sure that isn't a 85 amp? hehe
  3. I'd focus on the hydraulics first. Can sit on a pillow for time being unless you are 6 foot 4 like me. Get them brakes up to par so there is no accidents.
  4. Finished diff side seal/o-ring refresh and cleaned 40 years of dirt and grease off it. Fresh coat of tung oil to prevent surface rust. New redline lube. Glad to see it on all fours again.
  5. Pressed out the original diff hanger bushings and replaced with poly and prothane grease.
  6. While we are on the topic of beautiful square tail cars I saw this one on OfferUp. Not my vehicle but thought I would share it. https://offerup.com/item/detail/824672473/
  7. Not liking how they replaced floor pans just to fit m3 seats in it.
  8. The only thing poor here is you. You want to win this?? Post the photos that you’ve had since Jan 18 to do. Casting marks showing the gearing .
  9. You are very welcome. Anything to promote a sale . Make sure you donate to Harry also please. I did yesterday.
  10. Yawn, pics or go home. Everyone else posts photos and details on initial listings.
  11. has 5.00 gearing anyways. You don't want that.

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