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  1. Co-worker was very nice and made me a new window sticker
  2. Mine aren't back in after I restored my heater box. Always question if I need back up there
  3. few nice items for people here. Always someone needing under dash panels.
  4. New rear bumper installed on Felix today.
  5. willing to buy from those guys but they refuse to answer any type of message asking for shipping costs. Sent about 3 messages. I did sent a translated message.
  6. driving/fog light position is weak sauce.
  7. Was thinking about some blue Cali vanity plates saying covid19 for my 02. They are a pandemic and everywhere and a bug we can’t get rid of
  8. Looking good! Can join the cool kids club now! Did mine last summer!
  9. The holes cut out for the 6x9 speakers is cute though lol. Good spot for them hidden by the rear seat.
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