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  1. Karl Krumrey

    M2 Concept paint on @002

    The car looks GREAT, 👍 congrats the pearlesant color is generally applied as a “mid-coat”, that meaning as a mid-coat in a tri-coat system. ( solid color base coat, mid-coat w/pearlesant type color, followed by clear coats ) while one can add “pearl” to the final clear coats, generally try to stay away from putting pearl in clear, much eaisier to apply pearl coat uniformly as a base mid-coat, base/mid coats dry much faster and have better “sag” or run control than clear coats, then follow with clears. If pearl is in clear and one gets sags or runs in the clear, the pearl will show distortion of pearlesant color, and sanding out the runs will dissort the pearl, and will be visable forever, even if you get the surface of the clearcoat smooth. Sorry if this got a bit too “wordie” but hope it might help one to understand how a tri-coat system is applied. The other tri-coat system is the old “candy-apple” colors, that is done with a metalic color base, a tinted color mid coat mixed with basecoat binders, followed by traditional clearcoats
  2. Karl Krumrey

    M2 Concept paint on @002

    notice too: top 1/2of that M2 Concept is matted clearcoat which adds to color "flop" interesting for me to read comments on "paint" jobs, matching etc from a retired tech paint rep,,,
  3. Karl Krumrey

    Rear Axle Clear CV Boots

    Thanks for all the input, found several sources for the boots, ECS best price I found. What is the “oil” that is specified to be used?
  4. Karl Krumrey

    Rear Axle Clear CV Boots

    Ok, will crawl under car tomorrow for pic
  5. Are clear cv boots available vs black? Vendor? my ‘68 1600 has original clear cv boots that are in need of replacement
  6. Where are you located?

    1. mccusername


      Well I live in Los Angeles, but I also spend a lot of time in Connecticut and that's where I have room for old cars. You can email me at michaelmccullers@gmail.com.


  7. Karl Krumrey

    Karl Krumrey

  8. Karl Krumrey

    matching numbers ?

    Thanks for info
  9. Karl Krumrey

    matching numbers ?

    Manustique, UP Michigan
  10. Karl Krumrey

    matching numbers ?

    Manustique, UP Michigan
  11. Karl Krumrey

    matching numbers ?

    Yep its the Sparta car, have installed new front calipers/pads, new rear shoes, wheel brake cyl’s, so has brakes now, likly will install new rubber brake hoses next, acting like one or more may be collapsed , ordered weatherstrip seal set, was starting to get into it, however just had health issue come up, and so I likly will be selling for what I have into it, in case anyone interested,,,the good, solid undercarraige, the bad, amatuer 25 plus yr old repaint ( easy for me, retired autobidy tech paint rep) other bad, sunroof not working properly, will likly have to drop headliner to get a look see, repair, but I intended to replace headliner anyway
  12. Karl Krumrey

    matching numbers ?

    engine # 1522790, any info on year,etc appreciated
  13. Karl Krumrey


    not sure mfg date, between Sept-Dec 1967
  14. Karl Krumrey

    matching numbers ?

    recently purchased '68 1600-2. (vin 1561418) previous owners (2) known, do not believe engine was ever replaced, heavy grease/grim kinda supports that, BUT engine number does not match VIN. Is it possible to be oem with different numbers? one other question, is the oem front "embossed" hood molding available from any supplier, anywhere? Thanks for any input, Karl