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  1. The car has been running and driving great, it is a blast to drive.I have owned this M3 since 2005 and have very much enjoyed my ownership. The car had 125000 miles when I bought it and now has just under 160000 miles. I daily drove this M3 from 2005 until around 2009 when the miles I was driving too and from work were too much to put on this car. The past 9 years the car has just been for spirited drives and car shows. I now have 2 small children and would like a BMW better suited for sharing the ultimate driving experience with them. This M3 is lightly modified with a Super Sprint exhaust and a KAMotors carbon intake system. The suspension is Bilstein shocks and H&R sport springs. The shift lever has been replaced with a 1.9 Z3 lever which reduces the throw a bit the stock shift lever is included. The wheels are Roadstars from an M Coupe which fit the car well. The stereo is a Sony head unit, though the 2 heavy amplifiers and subwoofers that came with the car were removed when I bought it so there is no music, other than that provided by the glorious S14 engine. This is a 1991 so it does have an airbag for the driver. The car was just at Dynasport in NW Portland to to sort out an intermittent no start problem. This was discovered to be a shorting DME unit which was replaced. The car also has a new distributor cap and rotor and a new coil as well as new drive belts and some new exhaust hangers. The M3 is runs very well! A paint job is needed soon and I would rather sell as is so the next owner can do the paint of their choice. 3 rust spots are developing, one at the base of the passenger A pillar and another at the corner of the driver side taillight assembly and a small spot under the driver rear window. These should be addressed soon and they won't be a problem, not uncommon on 20+ year old BMWs. Car is located in Portland, OR. Asking $22,500.00 OBO. Car is available for inspection upon request. Please contact via email: 7evenhint(at)gmail(dot)com for questions or more information

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