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  1. ok. very good question. Spoke w/ Uncle last night about the car and this very question.. Seems i apparently misunderstood the story. He was in Germany and upon return, purchased the car stateside. This makes more sense and I apologize for the inaccuracies of the opening story. (and I will now update the opening post)
  2. thank you all! excellent info and advice/perspective from all of you. I actually would never low ball an offer to him, I will either accept what he suggests or move on. if he presses i'll explain my research and the vast unknowns to get her road worthy. he's a reasonable buy and has a lot of vintage cars in his barn, this happens to be the one i would consider taking on. and I would definitely hand him the keys anytime once she's on the road again regardless. we shall see what happens. it's been a topic of discussion for a couple years and i finally got the grudging nod from the wife to maybe bring her home.
  3. awesome. thank you. I'm in TN and our county requires emissions testing as well. but there are some provisions for vintage or antique vehicles. i'll look into it.
  4. That's great! and thank you for commenting!
  5. thank you for your thoughts. (and i've updated the original post to reflect these color/model clarification) ignoring the family component, is $5K too much. what's it worth based on the info i have. i won't buy it just to save, it still has to be a fair deal.
  6. Thanks Jimk. If we do this i'll probably trailer it home and get it sorted out here. also, this particular platform is new to me, so i know nothing about them. Regarding Tii, i also know nothing about that, except that it was noted on the VIN plate (hence the question and possible confusion) and looking for wisdom, that is all. Thoughts on fair price? won't hurt my feelings.
  7. Here's the (now corrected and updated) story: Uncle has a 1976 4 speed, blue, sunroof, 150K miles When stationed in Germany he purchased the car new and drove it while in country. Apparently after he was stationed in Germany and returned home and went back to college, He then purchased the car here in the US. Drove it for many years. Car now sits in a family barn and hasn't been started in probably 20+ years. Ran when it was parked. per uncle plugs were pulled and a few ounces of oil were poured into each cylinder. I'd like to keep this car in the family, he's getting older, is not married and has no children. He thinks it's worth "a lot" and i don't know what that number actually is. he won't say. i once heard him say $15K and then more recently heard $5K. He's not actively selling it but wants to sell it to me. I have plenty of shop space, have other cars (BMW's), motorcycles and machines and a full rolling tool-chest and do most of my own maintenance. The car is 8 hours from me and i've seen it, my instincts are that after draining and replacing the oil, pulling the plugs, and rotating the engine enough to circulate fresh oil, it might run. i'm sure all the rubber seals and gaskets are shot, so i am not unrealistic. Floors seem solid, trunk seems solid, there is some rust in the usual places. there's a big stain in the pain where a leak in the barn roof has dripped for years. I would trailer it home. I don't need another project, but do love the car and story and would be willing to take it on. i have no intent of restoring, only preserving from further decay, and making her road worthy and maybe getting him behind the seat again. it would thrill him ignoring the family story, Where should we start on price?? trying to remain objective here. i know without more info, it's hard to give advice, but i'm looking here for your thoughts. I appreciate any perspective from this great group.

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