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  1. Want to sound local when you get there? Make sure you put "the" before each highway name as above. If you head to NorCal you can just leave it off. Quirky California thing. 🙂
  2. I've driven through it a few times. In the spring it actually can look pretty nice but... It can snow in the winter, can have crazy high winds and be super hot in the summer. It's the high desert any weather is possible. Don't know about the people but I would suggest more investigation before committing.
  3. Went for nice drive, stopped at Calero for quick pic.
  4. Been there many times but not with a 2002. That looks fun and the lake level is way up!
  5. It says sold at the end of the auction. If it didn't meet reserve it would read "reserve not met" All BaT sales are completed outside of BaT directly between buyer and seller. BaT deducts their commision immediately regardless of whether the two parties complete the sale or not.
  6. You were right back in 2011. I just was looking at my carb yesterday wondering what that other accelerator pump spot was for.
  7. I visited the USS Midway in San Diego Harbor yesterday. If you have the chance it's a must see thing to do. I met and talked to many Veteran / Docents who were on board. The most special moment was meeting Jack down in the engine room who very humbly told us he was at Normandy on D-Day. He will be turning 95 this month. It was an absolute honor to meet him, very emotional and a special moment for all of us.
  8. While I had it up in the air took the wheels off to clean them and the wheel covers. I kind of like the "steely" look.
  9. Finished installing my IE stainless exhaust. Used a bracket on a bracket to hold the down pipe. It looks stupid as hell but it works for now until I fab something better. I need to watch those speed bumps...
  10. It looks like someone has put the car I bought off of BaT a while back on eBay. The problem is I'm not selling the car. They used some of the same pictures and descriptions from the BaT auction. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1971-BMW-2002/143412462953?hash=item21640c8569%3Ag%3A6DcAAOSwd1tdpkI9&LH_ItemCondition=4 *Edit* The ad has been taken down. Thanks to Majdomo for reporting it to eBay.
  11. Scam alert!! This is the same car I bought on BaT and I'm not selling it. They even used some of the same pictures and descriptions.

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