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  1. Looking to sell my Scheel-Mann sport seats that are in like new condition. They come WITH the adapter rails. If you would like more detailed pictures and are interested in buying please let me know.
  2. Yeah I knew where it went but now reading how you put it just to sort of get it started on one side then pushing it the rest of the way makes sense. Any ideas about the window problem I am now having i posted above?
  3. Okay so I took off the regulator and got the arm back in but was unable to keep the spring between the two washers. I’m going to need a second person to help pry the spring back while it slides back into place. I tried with a flat head but couldn’t get it to hold back while setting it.now though after taking it for a drove the window rolls all the way back up until the last half an inch or so. I can pull the window up with my hands but it slides right back down about half an inch. Any ideas before I take ge door back apart and investigate?
  4. Ah okay I’ll give that a try. Thanks for all the info
  5. No I’m trying to seat it with the regulator still somewhat attached to the door, loosely. So trying to get between the arm and the door frame to get the c clip on
  6. What trick did y’all use to be able to apply enough pressure on the c clip to get t to seat all the way? That seems like he trouble I am running into
  7. The c clip goes into that little groove correct? And the small washer is between the c clip and metal guide slot?
  8. Sounds like ima need some beer and a cigar while I do this tomorrow...
  9. What is the trick once you remove it? my issue was not having enough space between the door and the part the regulator connects to at the bottom of the window to push it up and down on part 3. Is it pulling the window up some and connecting it through a different opening in the door?
  10. Which part is the regulator? sorry never done any work on the interior of the doors at all
  11. Yeah I did find it luckily, I think I am going to have to take apart the entire window though to get that c-clip back on. there isnt enough room for me to get it on in the door frame sadly
  12. I’m not understanding how the passenger side pictures below is staying in that cutout in the metal, I’ve tried fishing my hands behind it but can’t feel anything holding it there.

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