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  1. Regarding the Dennis SImon mural TISA # 197.... it sold for a disappointing $70K ( confirmed price?) and the identity of new owner??
  2. I may have missed it but 182 is now in Germany- Sepp Grimbald? I think this is the car featured in the German magazine " Auto Motor und Sport" , Aug 2008 ?? Prior owners would be Bruce, Jim Silva, Doug Powell, ???
  3. Thanks! I bid on it last week but reserve wasn’t met ! I have a TISA wheel from Bouke and Hans in the Netherlands... this wheel interests me as it was from a US TISA Who knows , could have been my original ! It’s probably more $ than I want to spend ....
  4. Gray has come back ! I’m seeing it on new Subaru’s . I was initially crestfallen to learn that 13 wasn’t silver back in 1998!. I’ve become quite partial to the color ... no longer shiny primer but battleship gray !
  5. Won’t be long now .... summer road debut !
  6. Rmeinig


    my typo!! and duly corrected hopefully....registry not accepting that VIN!
  7. Dennis Simon did the murals for the 1996 Monterey Historics . I’m guessing $150k
  8. I have 2 sets of doors and it looks like one set of rear door panes already out of the doors ! The free pane passenger might have 2 light scratches .... hard to tell in the photos ! I’ll happily donate them . PM and I can try and FaceTime the panes for you . The other sets are in complete doors so I’d have to bring them in and disassemble them ....
  9. 54 TiSA’s were imported to the USA via Hoffman Motor Company per BMW Classic .
  10. I’ll check tomorrow ... I should have 2 pairs !
  11. Thanks!! I'll look thru my TISA archives as I think I have a reprint via Arthur Porter from 20 years ago. Perhaps a printer can make a good looking booklet from the pdf Rick
  12. Maybe we can do a run of 10 reprints ?!
  13. Stephan: It is amazing that BMW Classic et al didn't think to get the registration number M-VK514 for their own use! How many TISA's does BMW Classic/AG have- I heard 2 ? I don't know the VIN's . I know there was one sold from their collection in 2011 (?) at a Bonham's Auction. I think I have a pretty complete list of VIN's now. I don't know the VIN of the TISA being restored at The Werk Shop currently.... Rick
  14. Is there a source even for a reprint? I have a photo copy only!
  15. Stephan: I love your album ! Did your car come with those exhaust headers?! How much restoration did you do of your car when you bought it. When was the photo taken where the rear wheel is failing?! I am trying to label and comment on my album photos to aide in the history of my car... I have great photos of the 559013 at Sebring Governor's Cup TransAM race in March of 1966 but no other historic photos ( yet). It was again at Sebring in 1967 ..... Rick

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