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  1. Hi Harry, could you please send me a picture of the radio knobs?
  2. Hi Harry, just to let you know that your colleague already delivered me the tii booster. Thanks a lot! best, H
  3. That tii brake booster looks like the one you sold me Harry 😀😀
  4. Is it in working order? could you send me some pictures? Best, H
  5. Anyone tried or heard of someone that adapted one of those generic dual diaphragm 7' ones that are listed in Amazon/Ebay??. From the (poor) data available in the listings, the bracket mounting bolt pattern is different and, most surely, the rear pushrod would require to be modified. Given the lack of good old tii ones I was wondering whether this could be a way to go.
  6. Guys I have to check something with my restorer before taking it, so I won’t take it yet; if any of you is ready now, please feel free to do it. Bob I apologize for the inconvenience. best, hernan
  7. Should you be open to offers, please PM me. best, H
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