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  1. Hello, Cleaning out my storage found these, if you buy all of them will give discount so I don't need to make multiple trips to storage. Will ship the parts but shipping will be additional and it could take me a few days to get to shipping it because I have to go get it from the storage unit. blaupunkt radio (missing the right knob, trying to find it but not sure will be successfu, not tested, sold as-is) - $300: diff crossmember (bought NOS from EU) - $150: Tii Distributor with Red Cap (New) - $150:
  2. interested but a bit worried about the title situation, will need to look into because i'm out of state as well (in Cali)
  3. if it wasnt so far out i would just go look at it an report back here...
  4. Just saw this on CL. I wish I could buy it but just recently got a coupe that I'm beginning to restore. No affiliations. someone snag it up! https://sacramento.craigslist.org/wan/d/truckee-73-bmw-2002tii/7187667908.html
  5. Looking to buy a 72 or 73 2002 or tii. Can get car shipped from anywhere to CA so location can be anywhere. I'm looking to pay max 25k but would prefer to pay in the 5-10k range and work on it myself. Manual is preferred.
  6. https://photos.app.goo.gl/WKJg8PJZknKueGC67 Here's the video. Sounds like it's coming from alternator
  7. Sad to say I've neglected my 2002 for the past few months because I've been away for work. Game back, started up the car, but now the car howls whenever I accelerate.... I haven't pinpointed where it's coming from yet. Any ideas?
  8. Anyone in LA area have an extra crank pulley lying around that I could buy from you?
  9. the car is on all 4 tires and the engine is back in the car thanks conkitchen. I have everything else in the car. also open to people coming and taking parts off the car as well.
  10. more photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/mTmdSXuMmMVjeni17 bump. if dont get interest will donate. bumped price down to $750
  11. Selling a 1969 bmw 2002 project car. Not running, lots of parts taken off. I bought this car off ebay a while ago, it ran but not super well. It's a Washington title. Lots of rust, but not ant structural rust. The rear wheel well is gone. The rear passenger side foot well is pretty bad, has a hole. Shock towers have no rust. I have the engine out, the diff out, the transmission out, the exhaust assembly out. I basically wanted to do a ground up resto. But need to move to LA in 2 weeks.... dont have space down there to work on the car. I have all the parts I've taken off in a bin and labeled. Very sad haha. Asking for 1k OBO, need gone ASAP. I can take more pics. If I cant sell it soon, I'll probs just donate it if I can lol. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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