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  1. Beck! I'll be rocking my BaT alumni license plate frame. I purchased from the owner who purchased it off of BaT back in 2016!
  2. Anyone planning on attending the BMW CCA Monterey Weekend and the 50th Annual BMW CCA Oktoberfest?? https://bimmerlife.com/2019/03/16/monterey-and-ofest-registration-opening-soon/?utm_source=bimmerlife&utm_medium=email&utm_name=member
  3. I don't have a horn and need one! I'll take that šŸ˜ šŸ™
  4. until

    I have to be back in SF by 11am, I guess I could come for the early morning meet up? šŸ˜•
  5. Anyone have any experience with Historical Vehicle plates/registration? Still need to register my '68, thought it would be kinda cool to get historic plates. That being said I read that there could be implications on insurance. Right now I'm using Geico and I haven't found anything regarding historic vehicle registration. Thoughts?
  6. Hey! Is anyone headed to the BMW CCA cars and coffee this Sunday in the Presidio? How about the HooptieCon in Sonoma on the 9th?? My 02 is finally running and would love to introduce it to the group
  7. FINALLY, a month later, I got the car late last night!!! šŸ˜šŸ˜­ It was a bit painful to get the car here to be honest. So here's the recap (apologies for the length, feel free to skip to the end) After the $1k deposit I made back on the 12/12, the owner/operator of Vintage Sportscar Restorations (Freddie) agreed to deliver the car to Mountain View, CA a week later for $150 to help with gas. He was headed there to pick up a Porsche for a customer. However was not willing to schedule specifics until I sent him the full amount of asking price. So, I get a cashiers check ($15) and I overnight FedEx ($55) to get it to him. After it's sent, I ask if he wouldn't mind splitting the shipping fee - tells me he didn't needed overnight. šŸ˜µ Now I'm starting to feel about nervous, and mostly like an idiot. But ok, not the end of the world. Week goes by.... says plans have changed! (WHAT!) and that he could deliver until the first week in Jan, but not in Mountain View, out in Martinez. ok... still not the end of the world. I can wait an extra week. Meanwhile he tells me that the rear turn signal needs to be fixed bc its not working. Agrees to fix it. Good! Awesome! I ask about the tear in the passenger seat, noticed in a photo... says it's fine. I ask for detailed photos.. tells me "oh its actually very bad". Great, another thing to spend money on. lol. okie dokie, no worries. I ask about the rust near the sun roof (that he never sent photos of), that I found in the BaT auction photos. Says its been covered up, not a lot of work to fix. Ok? I guess I'll take his word for it. Another week goes by. I ask him to send me the title (why I didn't ask for it before is beyond me). Says he'd rather hold it so if he gets pulled over with the car he can show evidence. (Don't know why you'd need that). Ok, fine. Not going to argue. Now it's been two-ish weeks and about to be the day of delivery and he tells me - hey I need to bring a porsche down, also helps with his gas money (???). Tells me to fly in and drive it down to SF from Medford, OR if I want it sooner. Keep in mind, he has all of my money, plus gas money, hasn't shown me if the taillight has been fixed (even after asking for video). At this point I don't want to spend more money and don't have the time. Let alone the snow and rain hitting the mountain passes connecting OR and CA all the way through Mount Shasta. I tell him... ok fine, I can wait. ANOTHER week goes by, delivery is set for the 14th. I get a message saying, Porsche he's working on is not going to be done in time and that he leaves for vacation for a month on 2/17. It will be a long time before he can bring me the car, so I need to either fly in or get a truck. Flights are now about $300 to get into medford, let alone cost for Taxi/Lyft to and from the airports. I go with the truck option - bc you know.. snow, etc. Cheapest rate I could get $600. He agrees to send me back the $150. I get same day delivery, title in the mail. AWESOME. I find out from the truck driver that they had to jump the car and the e-brake is not functional šŸ¤£. After push starting it two or three times, got it going and to my surprise it did not have a drop of gas in the tank. The car is now stuck a few blocks away from my home, had to walk in the rain and get a gallon of gas another mile away. A friend helped me jump it this morning with his car, but even after letting it run and charge up the battery does not seem to hold a charge. Hopefully it's not an alternator issue. Still not the end of the world. I send a message to Freddie (seller) about the above, and tells me its a 60 year old car and I should expect to fix things on it and to put 91 in it (ok thanks). I'm a tad bummed by his response since I felt I gave him plenty of time, did everything he asked as it related to sending him money, yet he didn't seem to hold up any of his promises. He did tell me to send him the invoice for the e-brake. Look, I'm not mad at him, just wish he was up front and honest about everything. I would have also gotten the car at least 2-3 weeks sooner as well. Now lets see what happens with registration. Title looks to be missing a signature and dated 05/2016??? Apparently the owner lives in Europe now? Will keep you posted!
  8. This sounds rad! Won't have my car until the week after I hope to join the next Monterey Bay event!
  9. Hey everyone! New to the fam as of late. I live in SF and may have met you at the Not-The-49-Mile-Drive a few weeks back. Check out this thread for more details lol Anyway - I just purchased a '68 registered in WA, but it's in Oregon. Does anyone have experience registering an 02 in CA from out of state? Many Thanks!
  10. Thanks Gary! Agreed on the "what I'm looking for" scale. The rally wasn't a dirt/competitive event, but rather a spirited event with checkpoints and landmarks. There was at least one or two heavily modified 02s in the group, so I did get a taste of that. Also knowing there are at minimum 15-20 active 02 drivers in my area made me feel better about my search. Not to many 02s in the SCCA field from what I've seen, so I'm excited to explore some of the limits this car has with its current set up and share my findings. Nothing too crazy as I plan to also attend those fun spirited day drives, and of cours commute to work on a semi-regular basis. Other than rust / paint repair the passenger seat is pretty messed up. If you look at the photos on BAT you can see that a black towel is covering it up - very sneaky. So that will need to be taken care of. Also it did look like the car has been sitting for awhile. The photos the shop sent me had cobwebs under the car and in the engine bay. I'll need to find a local mechanic for general inspection and tune up perhaps?
  11. Hey everyone! I'm brand spanking new to the community. Located in SF. I've never owned a 2002, let alone a BMW so this will be my first experience. My lease on my Fiesta ST ends in February and I wasn't sure If I was going to go back to owning a Miata... until one of my close friends who has a '73 took me on a 02 rally with him. I caught the bug as one does. I immediately spent nonstop hours, days, obsessing and searching for a BMW 2002 Roundie..... as one does. Relentlessly hitting refresh on CL every hour or so. Not many here in the bay area, and most in CA are in the $20-$30k. A couple of project cars under $10k but in need of a LOT of work. Until I found this 1968 on CL šŸ˜± I contacted the owner of the shop and after sending me more photos, videos, he said it needed a new paint job badly, but other than that it's great running condition. The left turn signal and brake light are not working but he said he would repair that. He showed me the title and bill of sale, but I was still on the fence. I've never purchased a car out of state or sight unseen - so a bit nervous as you could imagine. I did some research on his company (website, Yelp, FB page, etc) and even asked him for some local to the bay area customer references - which I spoke to on the phone and who gave him raving reviews. (I looked them up on Linkedin to check if the reference was legit, and it was). Turns out his clientele are pretty wealthy and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on restoring their Porsches (plural). So seems pretty legit? And I've heard registering out of state is not too big of a deal (fingers crossed)? With some quick feedback from friends and a couple of 2002 owners, I decided to make a deposit on the car and then sent him a cashiers check for the difference. He was firm on price - seems fair. He did however agree to deliver the car to me in an enclosed trailer for a fee, so I should expect to have the car the first week in January, as he's picking up a customer's Porsche nearby. I'll send photos/videos when it arrives! I will say I'm glad I found this thread today! Shop owner didn't tell me about the rust by the sunroof I texted him and he said it hasn't gotten worse and that it's been "covered" and that "some good sanding and then epoxy will be fine." Given that he's a professional in restoration, I'm hoping he's right. Overall he's been very communicative and nice to work with. Cross your fingers for me that this leap of faith doesn't turn out to be a nightmare!!!! jackhossross - I hope there are no hard feelings that I purchased the car, I do hope you find the car you that meets your needs... and of course your wife's needs I plan on driving it to work three days out of the week but mostly to participate in SCCA events. I don't plan on doing any interior mods for that reason. If you're ever in the SF Bay Area let's go for a drive! ANYWAY, I'm super excited to be apart of this community!
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