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  1. Koogleworks makes a quality product, no doubt about that. But on my project, I won’t be having any integrated speakers or sound system in the vehicle, so it seemed a bit wasteful for me to invest in this type of product. If he manufactured a standard set, I would be down to clown
  2. Both sides; would also accept some kind of pattern, if available, so I could fabricate my own. Thx
  3. Ugh, the last thing I wanna do is pull up the carpet and hack back into the pedal box assembly that I just installed. Nonetheless, good info, thanks for sharing. Having a myriad of potential adjustment points is sometimes frustrating
  4. I am working on this exact same project right now. I’m using the stock arm from the accelerator on up, so I might replace it with your idea, here. I purchased a linkage arm from Ireland engineering, before they went dark. I surmised that it had to be trimmed to fit, hopefully that was an accurate assumption. One thing that’s freaking me out though – everything seems to be uncomfortably close to the heater core hose. Once I add the spring, I think the spring itself is going to be rubbing right up against the hose. It seems like an accident waiting to happen.
  5. Both in fantastic condition, with mounting brackets. I’ll get some photos later today so pm with interest. $80 each I also have 2 front tan seats, excellent vinyl condition. In storage now, will get pics if there’s any interest at $250 plus shipping. I also still have a passenger side rocker patch panel, the entire rail, brand new, $80 plus shipping
  6. This is a brand new fabricated console structure. I purchased it recently through the manufacturer via eBay, but then decided I want to do a short version instead. It’s loosely assembled for the sake of photos, but is easily disassembled for shipping. The idea is, you cover it with whatever material you would like. For example, you can get an adhesive backed vinyl black textured finish which would match your factory Dash material. Or other creative ideas could be pursued. It has a double din slot and three gauge pods.
  7. I’m looking for two front tan armrests, late model. I also need the thin metal channel piece that adheres to the top of the door card. I don’t recall, but each might be a mirror image of themselves so I’m not sure if I need a specific left or right. Just need one, but would buy a pair just to be safe, if available.
  8. Hey, Bangle irritated us at the time, but that was before we realized how bad things were going to get at this company when it comes to design, inexplicable nomenclature, heavy SUV lust, and the like 😂😔 I would take him back in a minute. That said, I probably should ask about price. In so doing, I will conveniently refrain from revealing how much I have IN it, to protect myself from embarrassment and ridicule
  9. Thanks for all the great insight, everyone. Perhaps I’ll share the link back here once it’s listed, whenever that happens. Originally I was looking at comps on bring a trailer; of course you throw out the freakish $50,000 anomalies, and looking at the lower half of the board, you see things in the $3000 range for a basket case projects up to $18 or so. In fact, some in the 11 or 12 range, if I remember correctly, were automatic transmission cars, non-sport models. So my first thinking was – hey, what do we need to do to get this in the $12,000 range? But if the answer to that question is “spent $10,000”, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. 😂
  10. absolutely, I will be honest to a fault with this photography. As far as the tint goes, I completely agree. I just spent probably four hours of arthritis inducing pain last night scraping purple tint off my 2002. I can only assume it’s been on there since the 80s, it came off molecule by molecule. That said, I’m not really in the mood to do more tint removal right now 😭 good thing it’s in good shape
  11. Thanks for the thoughts so far, very helpful. What do you guys think about the rust? At the very least, I was planning on repairing all of that, it’s going to be a couple thousand dollars, though I will do most of the work myself. I can’t imagine trying to sell a car with any rust at all, but the market is so unique right now. That survivor Malaga red 73 that sold yesterday was a nice car, but the odometer couldn’t be verified and it had rust — still went for 30K 🤔 I realize this is just a lowly E21 by comparison but still…
  12. I wish I had more photos of the installation. Here are the amplifiers, there is a carpeted box above, suspended from the parcel shelf and completely enclosed which I assume houses subwoofers, probably two 8 inchers, I would guess
  13. Good morning folks, looking for your opinion on a slightly non-‘02 matter, but I trust the wisdom of the FAQ over other Bmw forums (by far). I’ve never listed a car on BAT, but I’ve recently come to own a unique E21 which I am preparing to list there. I’m just trying to determine what level of restoration I want to perform. Obviously, it’s possible to spend tons of money to create a unicorn car, but then you have all that risk especially for E21 with the market hasn’t fully appreciated the car yet. On the other hand, I could listed as is completely unmolested with a few cosmetic flaws and maybe the market would favor that originality. Or something in between. It has about 95,000 miles, single owner car, owned by a science professor till he passed away recently. Interior is excellent, couple small Dash cracks. It’s not the sport model, so just regular cloth comfort seats. alpine white/dark gray. The engine fires right up and runs like a top. Transmission and clutch are excellent. Here’s the kicker: working air conditioning, converted, and blows ice cold. there is rust on both rockers. I will be completely replacing those with new metal. There is a small rust bubble starting under the spare tire, which I also will be replacing with new metal. this front steering seems a little sloppy so I’m going to replace everything up front with polyurethane bushings. The wheels are original 13 inchers and I was not planning on upgrading those for the auction. The car also has a funky sound system I’ve never seen before. It has the speaker pods which look like they could be some type of dealer installed option. Including alpine amplifiers and subwoofers in the trunk – the ladder seeming more custom. The previous owner was a big fan of classical music, he wasn’t messing around with the sound system. The head unit is the original Bmw, this makes me think it was a dealer- installed option. Here are the items that I’m on the fence about, let me know if you think these are worth spending the money on, whether they will enhance the vehicle enough to justify a larger final bid: 1. Replace colonial bumpers with chrome euro bumpers 2. replace original steering wheel with a three spark Momo prototipo 3. thoroughly clean engine compartment and refinish valve cover and intake 4. install period Correct yellow fog lights (brackets are currently there, lights are missing) 5. Install larger wheels, such as basket weaves from an E30 6. replace suspension with slightly lower springs and new koni or Bilstein dampers (current suspension seems decent, Bilsteins installed with factory springs, but seems a little bouncy. This is a big expense) I know some of these items are subjective, I don’t want to put off a large group of buyers, but I do want the best visual appeal as well. I have no qualms about the mechanical aspects of the car, but with an auction on the ‘ol BaT, you really need to get people visually stimulated as well. Thanks and advance for your insight. My wife thinks we should keep it, but I’m almost done with my O2 build and that needs priority!
  14. Located in 68107. Interested in rear possibly as well, but front for sure.
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