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  1. I’m your guy. Box up those suckers. How do you prefer payment?
  2. both lenses & fixtures, both sides. junkyard quality accepted for junk yard prices 😂 thanks!
  3. I’m near KC - what color are hood / trunk? Also will take taillight lens if square
  4. Do you have taillights?
  5. Hi, is your cannon intake still for Sale? Thx..
  6. Will ship on small pallet with trailing arms and parking brake cables in tact. Please PM me for photos or info
  7. nm- what I have won’t fit, sorry for false alarm
  8. I’ve got all rear bumper plastic in a set, great condition- make me an offer ; shipping is from 68107.
  9. Are you looking for front or rear?
  10. Thanks Steve and Guy for the additional insight. Everything was already disassembled when I acquired the vehicle, so I’m digging through the trunk inventory to see what’s missing and piece together what I need. As for the air conditioning components I believe all I have are just the vents themselves, connected to the inbound mounted evaporator and blower unit. I don’t have any trim of any sort for the surrounding center console, upper or lower, long or short, nor the sides. I have the sides from an e21, but I doubt they are compatible. What might be best is if I take photographs specifically of when I DO have and repost them in a new thread; I’ll do that when I can and will continue solving this mystery. 🙏
  11. I have the ac vents / condenser module but that’s it - yes, i definitely need the sides too

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