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  1. boxingchump

    For Sale: Tons of 2002 Parts - Check It Out!

    You have any of these? Or these? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. boxingchump

    Crusty 1975 part out

    You have any of these? Or these Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. boxingchump

    Need Help on This All Silver Grille

    Hey Harry, I want that mirror! Can you send me a pic pls?
  4. Since the car had speaker holes, I replaced them, laid down some sound deadening throughout the cabin and finished off with some sound deadening mat. Hopefully it makes a difference. Put the rear seats and door cards in. Also had all the old worn out door cards replaced with plastic. Next step is finding some seals for the f&r windscreens...
  5. Put some of the interior back and replaced an old hose. Realized the chrome on my door trim was on the wrong way round so drilled out the rivets and replaced. Found a cool marking on the wood while I was doing it...
  6. Got some chrome cleaner and polished up some parts... cleaned up pretty good. I keep debating whether to make everything perfect or just get it back together quick and then gradually fix it once it’s running. I prefer the latter but pls let me know if you think of any must do jobs now. I’m thinking I should have had the seat hardware rechromed before putting it back but too late now!
  7. So I decided I should have doors that open and close and windows that go up and down. I had had the door locks rekeyed to the ignition key and the cleaned up the locking mechanisms the fitted the new door buffers and other bits of chrome. I decided to not stay period and used philips screw. Also greased up the windows and cleaned up the motors. They all work now but ordered some e28 motors for the future... ‘I lost a clip in the door somewhere... anyone have one? (Last pic)
  8. Thank you Gents, I download about 50 pics from that BAT sale for that exact reason, it helped me identify a lot of the parts!
  9. Thanks... hopefully she will be! I had the latest Bettle... great car but can’t really use it on the road. Interesting story, the guy I sold it to just called me up and said it was stolen from his house, ouch.
  10. ‘Hey Ed, I read through your build... waiting for the interior reassembly with lots of pics and instructions!! I need lots of help... I’m trying to be self sufficient but some of this stuff I just don’t know how it goes back together and the order I should be doing things. I bought a manual but it doesn’t really help as it’s not specific to the coupe and doesn’t really explain how to put the interior back but I’m slowly piecing together the puzzle and tackling the easy pieces first... my main doubt is putting it back together and then realizing I missed a bit!
  11. boxingchump

    Hundreds of 2002 and 2002 Tii Rare Parts

    Hi Harry, The handle I need is black pls. Heres some pics pics I snagged off the net of the mirror... fingers crossed they match what you have available! and yes, all the parts I mention are for a 2000 coupe. thanks sean
  12. boxingchump

    Hundreds of 2002 and 2002 Tii Rare Parts

    You have any of these? 1) Rear View Mirror (with chrome surround) 2) Rear grab handle (goes on roof) 3) Clip that goes inside door to hold rod onto lock mechanism 4) sun visor brackets Thanks Sean
  13. boxingchump

    For Sale: Tons of 2002 Parts - Check It Out!

    Looking for rear view mirror, grab rail/bar a little clip that goes inside door to hold the bar onto the lock mechanism for a 2000ca
  14. First order of the day was trying to figure out what I had (and didn’t have) and try and organize things ready to figure out a game plan...
  15. What do you do 3 years after your midlife crisis hits and you’re in the middle of a major master bedroom renovation and young kids with places to be everyday? You sell your fancy new sports car and buy a rolling shell of a 1967 BMW 2000Ca with boxes of unmarked parts and then pull out the remaining hair you have left trying to figure out where all these metric nuts, bolts and screws go. Here’s what I got, appreciate any help along the way...