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  1. Scored some panasports as well. Also have a set of 45’s , Italian ones . Cast air cleaners , and an oem manifold . I have to salvage a big list of stuff from the donor car : M10 Dash Cluster Diff Driveshaft Pedals Brake booster Door catch Trunk hardware Wiper assembly Hood open/close hardware Doors Etc. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. https://www.bmw2002faq.com/blogs/blog/387-my-lemons-1967-bmw-2002-revival/ I have a blog , but can’t access it through the app , so here is a new topic on a under a different forum . I picked up sight unseen a car from idaho I will now use as a donor car to this clean shell i picked up . 1968 2002 that has a tube front and a full cage setup , blasted and primed with zero rust . Progress to be made soon with it , such as repair of swiss cheese and will have to add the door from my donor car on since it is crunched on the new shell , in a spot . The m10 is out and I will be doing a 5 speed conversion and stroker build on the m10 . As for the body i hope to go for an OEM silver paint . It is cut out on the quarter panels for Alpina Pigcheeks which came with it , along with rebuilt steering box , f+r subframes reinforced/ with camber adjustments , lightened and powder coated pedals , brake backing plates with holes cutout for ducting . I have alot going on rn as i have my e30 awaiting an m52 swap in my garage currently , plus i have until the 30th to get the donor car out of my garage , since the new shell is in storage . Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Thank you , I do not want to be sure about what exact trans is in this car yet , I still need to take a look at under it , i plan to pull the entire driveline out anyways given the point of it needing mostly body/interior work first . then we will see the 'craftmanship' that these previous owners went into to make it worth in there eyes of a Lemons race , of which this car allegedly did well in. I hope I do have a schrick cam already as that would be dumb luck ; already feeling lucky about the level of rust that is on this thing , and it not having a 4 speed PLUS it having a full cage regardless of if the welds are trash . I will definitely send those guys an email though , just send them my vin ?
  4. i'm all for it ! excited and willing to complete. will be fun .
  5. So yes , purchased through offerup and shipped to where I live in San Diego for $1095 , this is it. It has seen better days but I have seen worse and I am already eager to start the transformation progress . Original color Agave Green , Has a 5 speed (possibly g245) , Complete m10 , only thing is it doesn't run , and today discovered does not have a gas tank . Given the amount of bodywork and other things the chances of this thing driving again soon could definitely wait ; so the motor and transmission will definitely be coming out once my m52 for my e30 is off of the stand and the car is ready for Bimmerfest '19. That way I will have a lot more room in the garage for this thing and all of the parts that will be dropped off here soon . I do want to keep the M10 and have a set of Italian weber 45DCOE carbs to mate with an OEM intake manifold plus cast velocity stacks with foam opening covers on them , I want a full rebuilt m10 with raised compression , nice flowing head with 292-304 schrick cams . First things are first , Tail panel/under section plus quarter panels are going to be cut out and replaced. The person I am getting the body parts from thankfully had a great condition tail panel/under section and quarter panel all cut out together off of another 02 , Should be getting those dropped off this week along with good fenders from a 1602 , a nose piece looking better than mine that will be re-skinned with either a walloth or jaymic nose skin . It happens to have a good trim delete which I am fine with . Fix any dents , san to bare metal , undercoat and paint interior since it is already bare , with zero to little even surface rust , not even where the pedals are .. so we are looking good so far . pictures

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