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  1. Hello all-- Just a bit of a follow up on this and a question First of all -- I ended up using shapeways to print 2 copies of the halboyles clip - and they worked as described. I was in and out in minutes. That said, tonight I had reason to remove the clip again and promptly lost it. I know it went down the rail somehow. So --- does any one have a good part number for the clip? I searched but couldn't find it...
  2. Hello all - I am seeking weber part numbers for 54-59 on figure 9.10 of the diagram linked below 54- choke diaphragm assy 55- spring for diaphragm 56 - auto-choke cover 57- screws (don't really need these) 58- plug 59 - diaphragm adjusting screw http://www.theguestroom.net/manuals/38-38.pdf I can't seem to locate these part numbers on either redline or pierce websites TIA wrko
  3. update -- Thanks to all, I found one in my stash - I would delete this post but am unable to do so. thanks, WRKO
  4. Reviving this thread - Both my 76 and 74 have/had the one piece carpet. My personal preference is for the one piece while acknowledging that the multi-piece kits are superior and many have had excellent results therewith. I recently cleaned a valuable estate sale find rug that was hit by a cat. For that, I consulted with a textile conservator specializing in old rugs...who pointed me to youtube vids of rug cleaning. Those videos are oddly satisfying to watch for those with OCD cleaning tendencies. If the backing is intact and the rug generally stable, the cleaning process can be much more aggressive than you might think! The old rugs can also shed more dye than you might like. But I digress. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5GZhdK57h0 (not me or my rug, but you get the idea) I am planning to remove my carpet sometime over the summer and I want to try to "restore" it. The drivers side vinyl parts are in rough shape. My question - does any sell that pedal box and foot pad vinyl for installation by "other"?
  5. I am by no means expert in body work, but I do wonder why they didn't do some of that dent wizard style paintless dent removal.
  6. Thanks all -- These are fully in the spares category for me...I have a few good axles kicking around. I will take a look at straightening with the tips here, thanks for them! These days --- given my space to store stuff, if I don't have a high level of confidence that something will be useful in the future as a fix I tend to scrap it. TBD on these!
  7. Hello the image attached shows a spare I picked up. Is it trash due to the bends in the flange? I won't be too put out if it is scrap. I would just like to check here before I do scrap it.
  8. hello -- looking for the bolt in type differential flanges.
  9. Hello -- looking to buy a functioning brake booster. thanks
  10. Thanks to all for the information regarding my OP. I have no comments on any of the tangents the thread took. WRKO
  11. thanks for the info all - calling from the east coast from 3 different numbers and services, I still get an immediate busy signal. I'll try email instead...I am just trying to chase down a core return on calipers. No big deal order or custom work.
  12. Hello -- Does anyone know if Ireland Engineering is open for business? I've tried calling a few times over the last week or two and always get an immediate busy signal.
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