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  1. The 2002 was the best commuter car I ever had, An easy 100 miles per day sometimes - I wore out a lot of stuff. When one was down i could get another for 500 bucks or so, Washington DC had lots of them through the '80's Now I'm retired and still have a lot of e10 & e21 iron and a pair of 325is cars to work with. They run great , thank you. So - a lot of people gave me '02 stuff , now if some cool person wants a really good deal than get in touch with me at " bimmersandbrits at hotmail dot com, also see a list on the Pelican site tom
  2. I got a bucket of arms - the ones with the little wings right ? tom [email protected]
  3. Three old four speeds - one is bad  - but it did get me home that day =

    And a gertrag 240 from a 318i

    Everything is priced to sell


    for the People

    Tom Galloway, 410 4300346

  4. I have several motors and transmissions from complete to partly dissembled.
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