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  1. Thanks for the info and your blog is nice man congrats on the build, appreciate it, hopefully soon ill be starting one of my own
  2. Insane build that looks beautiful. Definitely gonna nerd it out with your blog. Thank you
  3. Im sure there are a bunch of forums on this already but I cant find anything recent.. Anyone running there stock m10 with a turbo on it? I would greatly appreciate all the details as well. Thanks
  4. Selling only the driver side front grille. 2 slats are broken off, otherwise it’s perfect. Entire assembly is straight.
  5. need front seats, recaros or stock
  6. let me know if still available! Paypal ready!
  7. Looking for a set of front grilles or just the driver side on a roundie model 2002. In socal i’m willing to pay for shipping please let me know. also looking for a set of 15 inch wheels
  8. hey, do you still have these? i’m located in La
  9. what kind of wheels are those
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