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  1. Watching this with interest, my Stock '74 seats are definitely pretty sad. Would love to see pics!
  2. Also interested if the deal falls through, if you're willing to ship.
  3. I'll take it if you're will to ship to Canada?
  4. Are the windscreen seals in ok shape? What are you looking to get for them?
  5. I'n from Fonthill, but live in Guelph now.. Have a 74 Sahara. Haven't taken her down that way yet tho.
  6. I need to know more about them, they're amazing!
  7. Both driver and passenger flag mirrors
  8. Mine , just set it down on the 14" Alpina clones. The rear almost runs but need to drive it and let the suspension settle 1st I figure.
  9. 1. Richard Ford (RFord888) (paid) 2. Hassan Rahim (paid) 3. Dan Tell (paid) 4. Paul Paparella (paid) 5. Ryan Van Luchene  6. Andrew Adams 7. Maharaja (full name?) 8. Ted Hittell Einspritz (please PM me) 9. Kyle Schultz 10. Matt Joyce
  10. Hey Dave, I need to get a few parts for my '74. Was looking at upgrading rear brakes to the 250mm drum kit. I also need to replace the fuel line in the engine bay and should replace the ones going to the evap tank in the trunk. I need a few other misc. things as well. TIA for your help.
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