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  1. No worries, I'll keep my eye out for the list of parts. Thanks!
  2. Interested in whatever you may have, I'm about an hour west of the the city, In Guelph!
  3. Soo, i did a thing, I saw that that they offered a knock off Cibie light : https://classicgarage.com/ne7herewdaru.html For 25$ I thought what the heck... Had to notch my stock buckets for the parking light to fit.
  4. I'd like to use them as "running" lamps since i converted to euro markers and no longer have the dual bulb there. I know i can add the 2nd bulb to the euro lights but like the different look . These look like they'd accomplish what i'm after but no sure about the quality... https://classicgarage.com/ne7herewdaru.html
  5. Are the trunk roll tools (#2) still available? If so I'll take em, will you ship to Canada?
  6. I'm sure we can work out something! At least buy you a beer or something haha.
  7. I just need a lug wrench/handle.. any chance you'd sell just the wrench?
  8. I had the same issue, found smaller nuts and used a burr on a die grinder to make clearance... not a fun task on the brand new manifold!
  9. Watching this with interest, my Stock '74 seats are definitely pretty sad. Would love to see pics!
  10. Also interested if the deal falls through, if you're willing to ship.
  11. Are the windscreen seals in ok shape? What are you looking to get for them?
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