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  1. MattJ

    Official Blunttech Sale Thread

    Hey Dave, I need to get a few parts for my '74. Was looking at upgrading rear brakes to the 250mm drum kit. I also need to replace the fuel line in the engine bay and should replace the ones going to the evap tank in the trunk. I need a few other misc. things as well. TIA for your help.
  2. Also interested.. Shipping to Canada? (N1E 1H3)
  3. That's a cool ad, that is for sharing!
  4. Cool, thanks for the info, not sure if I'm keeping them or not...
  5. Yeah, i figure I'll need some time Tom clean all the grounds etc, good to see some more '02s up North!
  6. MattJ

    Header ID

    Haha! I guess I walked into that... I meant brand but still laughed.
  7. MattJ

    Parting 1970 2002

    Interested in both driver and passenger mirror
  8. MattJ

    Header ID

    Hey guys, I am not sure this is even a brand header but does anyone have an ID on it? TIA, it's not in the best shape....
  9. Some brand call cheviot... they are not in great shape and the PO had some odd looking spacers on the rear axle, not sure if they'd fit otherwise
  10. Front brakes in pretty tough shape, ordered the IE bigger front brake kit.. along with some new rad hoes
  11. Thanks! it sat in a garage for a long time from what I can see. NO real gremlins, most so odd P.O stuff did]' , like the front fog he had, no relay... sweet under body LED'S too
  12. I've been causally searching for a bit, 1st one in half decent shape on Kijiji in awhile!
  13. Ha, it snows, melts, snows, melts... Today is 10*C here. Yeah it came with so service records in the manual.. bought in Toronto early '74
  14. Got rid of that POS 70's front bumper