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  1. 7" front w/0 offfset / 8" rear Hi Dave, Merry Christmas
  2. This car was built by my friend Chris Willet at Sin City BMW and he used my e30 ix as the base.No doubt about it, he has fun with some of his builds. -dq
  3. +1 Hal. This is the way to go. Pitman arm pullers are cheap and most parts stores rent or loan them. Wear eye protection Mike. It should have a mark on it for timing. -dq
  4. Just received this response after asking URO for replacement seals that I received as a gift (no receipt).These guys are on top of this,I mean, above and beyond to gain respect in the community. They have mine. -dq URO Parts Support 41 Replied: 10 minutes ago Hi Dan, since you don't have an order confirmation, please lay out the bags containing your URO Parts seals on a flat surface and place your drivers license alongside one of the labels. Take a photo of the white and blue URO labels (with your driver's license). then remove the seals from the bags and cut them into pieces. Email the photos of labels and destroyed seals to "sales at uro parts dot com" with a note requesting replacements and referencing BMW2002faq.com. We'll then send new warranty replacements at no charge if you're willing to cover the actual shipping cost (reimbursement via PayPal is probably the easiest). Hope that helps out! Drew URO Parts Support
  5. I sent them an email last night. Really don't expect that I'll get replacements as, they were a gift and I don't have a receipt. That's ok though. I still need a pair and will probably buy some of the new ones if their trade in program doesn't work for me. They seem pretty honorable regarding their products and service. -dq
  6. Never saw one like that! What does the ratchet look like? PM me, i have some of those. Dan
  7. Very minor adjustments should be all that you need. When going up in altitude, rule of thumb is add 1 degree of advance per 1000' of altitude. -dq
  8. My local business center has boxes that are perfect for 13" wheels. 14x14x14". Fits 2 wheels each box. Just shipped some to Utah, about $50 per box.
  9. Contact Chris Willett at Sin City BMW in where else........VEGAS.
  10. I came across this grille in a parts find that, shows no signs of ever being installed. I believe it to be a re-pop but, don't really know. Any input would be appreciated. It has some manufacturing striations on on it that I have never seen on any other, also, the bottom mounting points are pop riveted in. Notice how the black slats are attached, looks like shears were used to lock them in position. All the screw holes have no indications of ever being used.Price includes shipping. Any ideas? Dan in Colorado
  11. No shipping, pick up in Elizabeth,Colorado. Still on the car and will be removed when purchased. Dan
  12. I believe my Mom had those on her '87 Chrysler LeBaron?
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