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  1. Also replace the lock ring for that rear flange nut and, the plastic pivot for the throwout bearing arm,if it's worn.
  2. Whenever I pull a gearbox, I always replace the rear engine seal,front and rear trans seals and the shift rod seal. Probably wouldn't hurt to to snug up case bolts. Be sure that the breather is not clogged.
  3. I'm an old man with a flip phone and bad peepers. I'll pm my email.
  4. A lot of work but a great result. Nice job. -dq
  5. Maybe it's camera angle. They just look like they're pointed outwards. Good call on going with what belongs on there.Shouldn't have any problem selling those little ones. dq
  6. +1 FunElan, In the first pic the bumperettes are on the wrong sides. "The Marty Feldman Syndrome"
  7. Mitch,Not the lens but, you can remove the rivets and even install a U.S. bulb holder. What I do is buy a piece of I think 3/1`6" or 1/8", copper tube, cut and flare the ends to hold the bulb holder in place. Cut the tube,flare one end install it then, flare or peen the other end. You just have to make sure you buy the tube size to fit your screws. -dq
  8. irish, Was that a Euro thing? Don't recall ever seeing one on a 1600/'02. -dq
  9. This is a condensed version of how it's done. This set in the pic,were corroded even more than yours. Restoring them is very time consuming and requires lots of masking and a bead blast cabinet but, they turn out very nicely as long as the lenses aren't cracked and broken. The top,flat part that gets so corroded first gets bead blasted,then I lay a sheet of 220 wet or dry on a known FLAT surface and start sanding till they are flat. I then fill the corrosion holes with Permatex "LIquid Metal" comes in a tube. Then, sand again and repeat til the holes are filled and flat. I paint that flat part with several light coats of "chrome" paint. On the inside metal parts, I first mask off the lens and paint the metal parts of the bulb holder with spray "Matte Nickel" available at Home Depot. After that is dry I go back in and paint the reflector part "chrome" with a small brush. PM me if you want me to redo them for you. Good Luck, Dan in Colorado
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