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  1. coloincaalpine

    Freebee While They Last 1-Per

    Hahaha! Big response to the stickers. Make sure you send your address's. I'm leaving Thur a.m. for the indy Cars at COTA in Austin.. I will mail out the stickers when I return next week. dq
  2. coloincaalpine

    Early '72 Tii RC on BaT
  3. Thanks UAI, good to know.
  4. Any ideas on paint codes for that green color?
  5. coloincaalpine

    FYI 5 speed conversion info.

    You'll have to contact them.
  6. I had new valve guides installed and thought that I had lots of late seals but, they turned out to be E30 seals. I also have dozens of large/early seals if any one needs some,they're free to those in need, please not for stash or resale. Thanks, dq
  7. coloincaalpine

    Goetze Std. Ring Set 2.0 m10

    Never opened brand new set.This is my wholesale cost. Don't think that you can find them cheaper? Add about $10.00 shipping.
  8. coloincaalpine

    Stub trunk lid rear trim

    What s this?
  9. coloincaalpine

    Low compression band-aids?

    +1 On all the above. Not bad at all, just drive it.
  10. coloincaalpine

    Just for arguments sake;_ylt=Awr9BNvo9oxcNm8A5o9XNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEyanFiZjI2BGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDQjY4MzNfMQRzZWMDc2M-?p=depends+on+what+is%2Cis+bill+clinton&fr=ush-mail#id=3&vid=2a409dd058d3dc1c4a216db862343120&action=view
  11. Yeah Daron, that pile! Damn that's an old pic at Front Range Airport. Probably '12.
  12. I have a survivor '72 Tii that i did the 5speed swap right after I bought it in 2002. It is not a garage queen and I take it on long roadtrips often. It increases the value of the car "to me" because I can comfortably drive it with less strain on the engine and I can actually hear the stereo. On the other hand,I would never install a 5 speed in my '67 1600, that, was restored for posterity. Value is in the owners personal preference. dq
  13. coloincaalpine

    FYI 5 speed conversion info.

    That's it. Good guy and does it all. Has flanges for the big cars too. dq