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  1. borgpj, Is that the bench bleeder system made by that Greek company Medusa? : > )
  2. Bench bleeding is not necessary but it can't hurt anything. dq
  3. Contact for pics. Can't upload for some reason. Shipping additional from 80107
  4. +1 Zambo, Cast Iron is what I use. dq
  5. Yes, though in metric.I think 19x1.50mm
  6. My understanding is that, the '73 and '74 Tii's and Turbos, came with the notch cutout as easier access to view the timing marks. I'm of the school that all Tii's came with a non-snorkel nose until, I see proof otherwise.
  7. +1 JIMK. You need a T-Stat to allow the water to stay in the radiator long enough to cool, otherwise, it creates the snowball effect and keeps getting hotter and hotter and hotter. Also, how does your "pusher" fan function, I.e.: temp switch and relay,manual switch? IMHO, pusher fans can impede air flow through the radiator if they are not on a low temp switch. Is your 320 radiator new? If not, was it flushed and inspected? Good Luck, dq
  8. Does your car still have the resistor before the coil?
  9. I've been using Pacific Plating in SanDiego for 30 years.Still send Steve my plating from Colorado. Steve Ruiz owner. Contact me to use my name.
  10. Tis was taught to me by a tinter. He sprayed the tinted window with a soap and water mix,taped a dark trash bag to the inside of the widow and parked it in the bright sunlight for an hour or so.The tint peeled right off. He came to my shop and, I actually watched him do it. It was magic. dq
  11. Hi Joe, Hows about some pics of your new rod? Hope all's well. dq
  12. Wow, that's great. Yoga is good for you anyway. dq

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