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  1. Steve, Maybe the one with the longer remover was for deeper dish wheels????? or perhaps its from a Benz or Porsche.....I've had lots of those in my past also. Found them all in one of the stashes. dq
  2. Which lug wrench came with a '72 and is it one of these? Long or short hubcap remover? Thanks
  3. It is on the top of the water neck on the head at the front of the engine,where the two large hoses come out and go to the radiator. Have you searched "coolant temp sensor" ? Dan
  4. OK, we just got another snow so, give me some time to cut it out for you. Dan
  5. Story is, it was my daily driver in SanDiego,then my friend wanted it for his daughter to go to SDSU. She drove it for 2 years,then,it got rear ended and I bought it back......just in time because I had just purchased its sister car that had a back story .....also a '67, it was disassembled at my friends ranch in east SanDiego county and brought into town for body and paint ,meanwhile, all of the parts (and the ranch) got burned up in the fires that year and the car got covered and stashed in his building for a couple of years till I discovered and purchased it. I used all of the parts off of the white car to build that car below in the pic. Really did rise from the ashes. dq
  6. I was going to adapt that stationary bike as power but, just don't have the time. D
  7. Contact me, I got one with my sticker package and don't need it. It's yours. Oh, welcome to the madness. Dan
  8. Well, this old girl is almost ready for the crusher. It still has the front and rear suspension including a long neck diff. It has a complete set of seats for the frames only, the upholstery is history. No shipping on this stuff, pick up in Elizabeth,Colorado only.Let me know what you need, I have lots of '02/1600 parts in inventory.
  9. Hi All, This is a functioning single filament light in good condition.No gasket. Date stamped '66. Price includes shipping
  10. So, you still have the diagnostic plug in at the rear vc nut? If so, yes one clamp to hold the front 2 wires and the pic is correct, there are 2 of the small clamps along the top vc nuts that carry the wires for the coolant temp sensor for cold start and the cold start valve wires.
  11. Hey Rob, The wire holders on the passenger side are for the plug wires only. If you'll look at that picture, there is a small holder on the center nut of the drivers side valve cover, this clamp carries the water port wires, It's a very simple clamp and impossible to find. Dan
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