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  1. Being block sanded and painted this week. Original color Verona. '72 Tii # 2760173
  2. Great idea, Maybe a get together at my shop,in Elizabeth,lots of parking. Some brats n beer's perhaps?
  3. Mornin' Dave, Thanks to you and your Bro's service. dq
  4. Mike, sorry I forgot to mark it sold. I'm pretty sure I have another one, give me a day or two and I'll look in my stash. Dan
  5. I believe for '66-'71 Application. W/O impact strip
  6. Got it and understand. Wish you were closer,(Colorado) Toastie, I have a donor hood that you could have.
  7. Even if you find one that the odo doesn't work, there is a place up there where you are, that can repair it: Odometer Gears, Newport News, Virginia. 757 593 3478 Ask for Jeff. Ref by: Dan in Colorado
  8. Excellent condition. Rubber very soft and pliable. Buyer pays shipping.
  9. Switch is in excellent condition. I believe it to be the style mounted on top of the dash to the left of the gauge cluster. Buyer pays shipping costs.
  10. Gordon, Where were you stationed? I was at Hahn AB 67-68. That is where I learned about German engineering and never looked back. BMW mechanic now, for over 50 years.
  11. Happy Veterans Day My Brothers and Sisters. Thank You for your service to our Country. dq USAF 1967-1971(and would do it again) and My Dad SGT. Walter T.Quigley 9th Infantry WWll Pic taken in North Africa chasing Rommel around the Sahara
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