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  1. coloincaalpine

    Tii VIN Number Thread

    Steve, Hahaha, Yeah it was a good find. Took it on a 3000 mi. road trip last year. BTW Steve, I'm putting 2762643 up FS. it's on Denver C/L now. Thanks for your help on the Alpina find. You were the one that noticed its delivery destination. dq
  2. coloincaalpine

    Tii VIN Number Thread

    Gregtii, I know Carl well. My BMW shop was in Sorrento Valley for many,many years. Quigley Motor Works. Carl and I did a lot of horse trading.I'm in Colorado now. I just think that it was cool that Bill Brecht sold the car new. I found it in Vista, just when the old man was putting the FS sign in the window. Bought it for $1500 in 2002 and , drove it home.All I've done is,freshen up the engine, 5 sp.,and redo front seats. dq
  3. coloincaalpine

    Safari 2002 build

    Reminded me of a build (the X2) that Chris Willet at Sin City BMW did with a crashed E30 IX that I sold him.
  4. coloincaalpine

    Tii VIN Number Thread

    2761923 170,000mi. Originally sold by salesman Bill Brecht who later became owner/ founder of Brecht BMW in Escondido,Ca.
  5. coloincaalpine

    BMWCCA Grille Badge

    Hey Buddy, Hahaha, You jumped right on that. They're going for about $60 on Ebay. Great buy. PayPal $33 to
  6. coloincaalpine

    BMWCCA Grille Badge

    Came on a parts car many years ago. In good shape. Rock chip by the W. Hardware included.Buyer responsible for $5.00 shipping and paypal fees.
  7. coloincaalpine

    New Class Sedan Center Console

    This console has been in my stash for 10 years. it's in excellent condition excluding the rear panel that is loose and needs to be recovered.. Buyer responsible for packing,shipping and paypal fees.
  8. coloincaalpine

    2002 Number plate for sale

    Steve, I'm dyin' here. Now that there's funny. dq
  9. coloincaalpine

    ORIGINAL paint request. Show me your best.

    True survivor,mostly original paint. '72 Tii #2761923
  10. coloincaalpine

    How difficult is installing a new headliner

    I too have done many headliners, Clean Hands and Patience,Patience,Patience. It will take several days of, Oh Yeah! Patience.
  11. coloincaalpine

    WTB behr a/c console

    WP 2002, PM me, I have several Behr A/C consoles. dq
  12. coloincaalpine

    New Roundie RR Quarter

    Hey Marco, Yep it's me.. i need a roundie front panel. Do you still have my number?
  13. coloincaalpine

    WTB 45 DCOE Velocity Stacks

    Let me make some measurements when I'm at the shop tomorrow. I'm trying not to choke down the throat at all by using the kind that slide in. I'm chasing horsepower.
  14. coloincaalpine

    WTB 45 DCOE Velocity Stacks

    Would like the type that have the 2 ears for the bolts,not the type that slides inside the throat. Thanks