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  1. Those look great,good job. I make my own also and I also ad a couple of pieces of Velcro to the rear to hold them in place. If you take a piece of your elephant skin to Lowes, they will match the paint. I use semi-gloss ( looks flat) oil base.
  2. Markster, PM me, I have some early cars behind the shop that may have what you need. Dan
  3. +1 Zinz. That is a dead miss and also, valves sound loose.
  4. Yeah, they turn to dust.
  5. And check the function of those cables and lubricate them.
  6. Late rear window latch cover/trim.Not crispy at all, just a little dirty. Please,please only take it if you need one, not for your stash. dq
  7. Another try, these are very nice at a fair price.
  8. +1 Scoob. Looks like a broken crank. An inop. oil light?
  9. Ed, Seatbelts are available new from BMW, I just bought a set and they were I think $278 each for a complete belt. I do though get a pretty deep discount so, they will be more retail.
  10. Ow! Haven't seen one break there before. Must be pretty crispy with frozen cables.. May be heater box overhaul time. Good Luck, Dan in Colorado
  11. John Pantel would know.

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