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  1. Nexen, makes a 185/60/13, that look and perform well.
  2. Hi Harry, Do you happen to have a wiring harness for a '72Tii? I need one for the Alpina build. Thanks, Dan
  3. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/pen/pts/d/burlingame-parting-out-bmw-2002-ti/6887560942.html
  4. This is the best deal going for Drivers School. Under $500.00. 2 days of classroom and loads of seat time = Competition License. dq
  5. Don't you guys have one of these tools? Available at Pelican parts and makes installing and removing the hangers a breeze. dq
  6. Great Question, I'm refinishing a bus wheel also that will be for sale when completed. I think that gloss would be a factory look but would like to see opinions on this. dq
  7. Good Morning, I can help you out with the seat back. I have old seats stashed away just for this purpose. I'll take a look today while I'm at the shop. Shipping would be from Elizabeth Colorado 80107. I have a guy that packs and ships at very fair prices. Dan
  8. https://bringatrailer.com/2019/05/10/bat-event-coverage-2019-bmw-2002-swap-and-show/
  9. Having had been a shop owner/operator for many years, regardless of how long it takes to complete a job, communication is key. dq
  10. OK, Hook the small end in first then, make sure that when you install the big end, you have to tuck the very end of the wide end "under" the handle,where they meet. Then, push the fat end in till it snaps in. Done!
  11. I was referring to the pressure relief valve on the back of the pump. I have seen the tiniest piece of debris hold that ball open. Did you disassemble the valve for inspection?
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