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  1. +1 TobyB...........Do not let it sit for a long period with coolant in the cylinders,or, certain engine build on the horizon.
  2. Wish I'd known before I shipped your console.
  3. I have a wrecked '67 behind the shop that still has the seats in it.
  4. OH! Those covers. I'll look in my seat stash for you. Stand by.
  5. Hi Shawn, How about a pic of your seats? dq
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbxI4rMY_wM
  7. What I've found in addition to the above, is that, the actual "thumb nuts" that hold the temp and fuel gauges into the pod, have a propensity to also become corroded enough over the years to cause a poor connection to the pcb. I remove each gauge and clean up their mounting points thoroughly with fine sand paper,or whatever you choose. This is a very common problem often missed. Good Luck, dq
  8. So, are you saying that your valves are adjusted to, .0010, ten thousandths of an inch? If so you're right on. Have you checked for "full throttle"? Just Sayin'

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