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  1. I just got these in the mail from Carl Nelson at LaJolla Independent. They were sent to me by mistake. Spoke with Carl this morning and he said just to sell them and send him payment. $265 plus shipping so, $280 shipped lower 48. Dan in Colorado.
  2. I have late harnesses individually boxed by VIN. What is your VIN? Dan in Colorado
  3. I have had some luck drilling a small hole thru the plastic cage and thru the plastic bearing cap to get the nozzle to the upper bushing.Also , spraying plenty of contact spray on the armature/brushes,then, keep moving the fan with a long screw driver. Good Luck -dq
  4. Really clean bracket. I can ship with the attached sheet metal or drill out the spot welds.
  5. PM me Dillon, I believe that I have one of those in my stash. Dan in Colorado
  6. Hey Ian, Just couldn't stand it Huh? Had to have another one. Congrats, looks like it has plenty of potential. Give me a shout sometime, I have that piece that goes over the blower motor. Take Care, Danny Quigley
  7. Is that the one that folds up? If so, I know of one for sale. Dan in Colorado
  8. Contact, Chris Willett at Sin City BMW in Vegas. He's a good guy, i sold him 3 sedans several years back. Dan in Colorado
  9. I drove this car as a daily driver for over a year. It ran excellent and I drove it into the shop where it is being parted out. It is from a '74 Tii #2781805. It was removed and sealed immediately. Comes with the plastic gear. I also have the injectors and lines from the same vehicle.Does not come with the warm up regulator. includes shipping lower 48. Offers considered. Dan in Colorado
  10. Hahahaha! Slow Day at the Tire store?????
  11. That doesn't look half bad.Even better with some blacked out horizontals.
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