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  1. Hi Darrel, I'm only interest in early 1600-1800 neue klasse 6volt car parts, if you can email with photo of what you have to: [email protected] Thanks, Hien
  2. Hi John, Daniel is well verse in NK, He is my go to person for advice, so I know he really take care his ride. We kind a have two NK group here... the early NK vertical tail light guy or the later NK with horizontal tail one. The early vertical tail lights car seem to be more in price...I didn't have a choice, the Brown Turkey found me at $2,500 and I lost count how much I'm in it now...
  3. I never sell mine Daniel, 10k -15k won't goes far finding a clean early style NK. How easy spend a grand in parts last Christmas.
  4. Thank you! I did, the waterproof greasy help a lot. Just clean the underside and mount one half shaft tonight
  5. Wife, kid and honey do list, left over times is dedicate to Brown Turkey project... 3:00am is my quitting time. Before photos
  6. Thank Daniel, I pick up the oil spray bar from my buddy, was ready to do the mod. until I notice the hole in the cam..I got a lots to learn..Anyway thank for the offer.
  7. I just check, I'm missing that spray bar, where do I get one?, do you have part number?
  8. I see you running Koni shock, is that with stock spring. How do you like them? and if you can post the model #... I like the clear cv boot too. Do you know where I can get them? I'm going through my front suspension and notice the cv boot is missing, somewhere in cyber space lol. Trying to get my 19651600nk Brown Turkey done for So Cal Vintage in Nov.
  9. Very nice, I got my 11 years old girl a garage find 67 1600NK, she prefer my Prius when she turn 18.
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