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  1. Hi Nick, Chris Macha got me concern on the seal too, so I test it, soaking it overnight in gas, it held up find. Wax ring work out great did not smell any gas, I sleep in the garage overnight to make sure I don't smell any gas vapor.
  2. Gas tank back in, locksmith came through with missing gas cap key, found Korkey rubber plumbing seal at DIY store work perfect of gas seal, toilet wax ring is awesome to keep gas vapor out of the car cabin.
  3. Thank you Nick for the tip.
  4. Sorry haven't been on this board lately, the cider vinegar work really fast, just leave overnight, I left mine in like a week since my tank was really bad, car never move since 87.
  5. Walmart didn't have enough cider vineyar, able to get only 7 gallons, now i have to Mickey rig the tank on edge and let it soak, a slow process but worth it.
  6. Nothing beat simple cider vineyar. Looks at the rust peelings off from inside gas tank. Evaporust vs cider vineyar, hand down cider vineyar win!!!
  7. Clean up the trunk and make the electrical wiring pretty. The trunk is the original Florida color.
  8. I have extra set of BBS rim from e30, doesn't looks good with brown car, will keep it original, need to fix the dented chrome hubcap, next project!
  9. I want the gas tank to be super clean of rust, time for cider vineyar. At $4.32 a gallon much cheaper than Evaport rust. Also Plumber's Putty make great gasket sealer, I have tank standing vertical with 7 gallons of cider " no drip or leak " I will use toilet wax bowl to seal the top, so no gas vapor can escape.
  10. I didn't want to spend money on cider vineyar , use what I already have Evaporust, let is soak, it was not rust, just 35 years old gas residue..
  11. Dump out 32 years old gas. Looks very brown/red , will soak it with cider vineyar to remove rust.
  12. Everything back on, before and after engine bay photos
  13. New oil, spark plug ect.. next is to drain old fuel from 1987. Still waiting for the key and pink slip from my friend cousin. I hope he put the car none operational with the DMW.. My wife will kill me if I have to pay fee from 1987 - 2019..
  14. Hien

    Jumping the Shark

    Wow good luck, I would have given up by now. I do have an e30, if you need photos of electrical connection,