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  1. @AceAndrew you are such a gentleman and a scholar that I can’t thank you enough. I will email you. Thank you thank you.
  2. So uh, little update: as I was prying off the faux wood, I cracked the glass covering the speedo. Luckily i was able to avoid cracking the other two. A half hour of pretty concerted searching for replacement glass hasn’t yielded me any leads. Any ideas? @AceAndrew there’s a plug for you in the pic. Thanks for the LP light lenses
  3. @TMK_74_2002A just picked up a set, thank you! Doesn’t seem like they have the trim that surrounds the entire gauge cluster area though. Maybe that can just be painted on.
  4. Thanks @AceAndrew and others. So it looks like I DO a need to source the rings and not just buy some aluminum model paint. Any further suggestions or leads would be appreciated.
  5. I too am looking to bring my April 1970 gauge cluster back to original appearance. Oddly, it has silver dollars, no chrome rings, and a faux wood veneer. I have read on other threads that you can either paint the wood matte black or remove the veneer with some kind of solution. I’m not sure what to do about the chrome rings though. Any advice would be appreciated!
  6. I’m in the same boat with just the lenses. @AceAndrew now that a few months have passed, what has your friend at Hella said about reproducing them? Or, did you 3D print a couple extra?

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