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  1. Hudo's 1st 02

    Interior parts grab bag

    Please let me know if you would sell the rear window latches if you can’t sell the entire unit
  2. Hudo's 1st 02

    '02 OEM Recaros

    Holy crap! That’s a whole lotta cash for used
  3. Hudo's 1st 02

    Engine bay

    I traced it back to those gauges in my glove box. I want to remove it. Any suggestions on what to use to plug that hole, and size the hole is?
  4. Hudo's 1st 02

    Engine bay

    As a matter of fact there is. There is one of those 3 gauge set up in the glove box. It’s not hooked up, or working.
  5. Hudo's 1st 02

    Engine bay

    From what I can tell from comparing my engine to online pics, most if not all of the emissions have been removed. This one wire in the pic, if it’s emmissions related then I will remove it.
  6. Hudo's 1st 02

    Engine bay

    1976 02, looking to clean this engine a bit. Below are pics of two hose that rear distributor vacuum with a bolt at the end closing it off. Is there an alternative to getting rid of this hose? The last pic is a wire type plug that goes from the engine through the fire wall. What is it ? And it’s so long previous owner wrapped it around the plug wires in an attempt to keep the plugs together. Thanks for the help.
  7. Hudo's 1st 02

    Brake reservoir wires

  8. Hudo's 1st 02

    Brake reservoir wires

    One more question guys, and I won’t bother y’all anymore. Well for today anyway. LOL... what the heck is this? I think this is where these wires in question may have went to.
  9. Hudo's 1st 02

    Brake reservoir wires

    Yea I’m clear on the brown . I’m starting to believe these whites that have connectors at the end more than likely were connected to the smog controls or devices that were removed from the previous owner(s). That would make sense.
  10. Hudo's 1st 02

    Brake reservoir wires

    Yes, I see what you are talking about now. I didn’t look that good at first. But the two wires I’m asking about are coming out of the same harness the brake reservoir goes into. There’s a few wires in the engine bay that are hanging exposed or not connected like these. The previous owner really did a butcher job on the wiring.
  11. Hudo's 1st 02

    Brake reservoir wires

    They are connected at the top, the other ends of the wires are not connected to anything
  12. Hudo's 1st 02

    Brake reservoir wires

    The two wires on top of my brake reservoir are not connected. Should they be, and where should they connect at?
  13. Hudo's 1st 02


    Looking for the speedometer needle or website where to purchase?
  14. Hudo's 1st 02

    E10 engine rebuild

    I’m not sure at this point what type of clock it is. I’m not really the kinda of guy that needs to match, but the kinda guy that wants a unique, doesn’t look like everyone else’s type a guy. Thanks for the web add, you just made my day. I’ve been looking for side mirrors since I bought this car. Sooooo over priced and hard to fine. Thanks for that...
  15. Hudo's 1st 02

    E10 engine rebuild

    Do you know how to remove the clock and get it running again?