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  1. I located one, thank you for offering.
  2. So you have an ac tensioner and pulley for 76 02? Not sure if I have asked you already, if I have, my apologies
  3. I am looking for an a/c tensioner for a 76 02. I have searched all over and can not find a new one. Is there another make and model that will work for my car? Or does anyone have one in good shape they can part ways with?
  4. Will do, the shop is looking into it as well. I’ll see what he has to say. Thanks for the reply
  5. Can anyone tell me where I can find a AC tensioner for a 76 02? On line or anywhere else. My local shop says they are not available. Thanks
  6. Do you have a good conditioned AC tensioner ? 76 02
  7. Thank you for the info. Yea I searched suspension under threads and didn’t see one. Actually there was on 2 pages, which I thought was odd.
  8. I really didn’t pay attention to that or I didn’t really notice. Mechanic also said it needed a front end alignment. So I did notice this. When I was driving it and let go of the steering wheel it would pull to the right, then I let go of the steering wheel about 30 minutes later and it pulled to the left. Never experienced that before, and when I would hit a bump or pit hole, the steering would jump one way or another. Never experienced that either.
  9. I have a 76 02, a few months ago I took it to a shop for some work. I had the front sway bar replaced with an ireland eng sway bar, also had the shocks replaced. The shop new about the problem and didn't seem to know what causes this noise. SO I thought I would ask for some assistance. I even called ireland eng and described the noise and they weren't much help. So when I turn the wheels all the way left and back right there is a loud hard ( i can feel it ) pop noise. Any idea whats causing this. It did not do this before I took it to the shop. Thanks in advance.
  10. Do you have side mirrors and send pics of rear window latches please
  11. From what year model focus?
  12. so is the ford focus comment a joke or can you really use these as a replacement?
  13. Can any suggest a solution or has anyone experience this. I just changed out my instrument lights to L.E.D’s. I turned my key on and of course the lights didn’t work. I checked the blinkers, head lights, tail lights and parking lights. All worked. Then I noticed smoke coming from the main wiring harness that connects to the instrument cluster. I disconnected it and it appeared to stop. So I checked all the connections and tried it again. This time I turned the engine on and checked all the electrical and noticed my fuel gauge and tach was working, but then I noticed more smoke but it appeared to be coming from the lower side of the engine bay on the passenger side. This time it blew my fuse. Any ideas or suggestions.
  14. I got one price from a paint and body shop. I had planned on doing it but decided against it for now. The price I got was $2,600 to $3,000 for all four. I can’t remember if that was painting them to match or not. I actually had 8” wheels put on my 02 and really liked the way it looked. Plus, I was told to get the vehicle at the right ride height (lowered) I would need coil overs. I just didn’t have the money at the time for all of that. Good luck. BTW, there are a few visa on you tube showing how it’s done. Just search bmw fender flares and they should pop up.

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