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  1. Why in the world wouldn’t you just pull the cluster and count them yourself. If you would of done that first instead of waiting on others to comment, you prob would of had everything installed and working by now.
  2. What is the generator bulb? Cause that’s exactly what happen to mine when I reinstalled my gauge. I thought the tach May have came dis connected during my reinstall. But apparently not.
  3. I switched mine out to those bulbs, and yes, they work well and are super bright. No pun intended! 76 model
  4. This all great info and thank you, has anyone tried to fit them in a 80’s 320i?
  5. A true for for the 02 or 320i, cause I have both cars.
  6. I have a line on a pair of recaro seats from a 90's model VW / waiting on the model info. Has anyone installed these seats in a 02 or a 80's model 320i? are they compatible or are they gonna need to be modified? thank in advance...
  7. I located one, thank you for offering.
  8. So you have an ac tensioner and pulley for 76 02? Not sure if I have asked you already, if I have, my apologies
  9. I am looking for an a/c tensioner for a 76 02. I have searched all over and can not find a new one. Is there another make and model that will work for my car? Or does anyone have one in good shape they can part ways with?
  10. Will do, the shop is looking into it as well. I’ll see what he has to say. Thanks for the reply
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