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  1. Dosky

    1974 Malaga 2002

    Sent you a PM. I'm interested in your car.
  2. Dosky

    1969 2002 Aardvarc 5spd swap and LSD

    Still available? Where in NY?
  3. Dosky

    Heater fan wiring

    Question, the fan motor has direct power and the switch provides ground, right? I can't find any power to the fan motor. If it runs through a relay, where is the relay?
  4. Dosky

    3 piece dash new in box

    I have found a few rusted, non running cars with good dashes. I think I may buy one.
  5. Dosky

    3 piece dash new in box

    Thanks for the info. I have had four different 02s but i never have removed a dash. I'll look for a one piece. Mine has been covered in leather and I'm not real crazy about it. It was like this when I bought the car. This seems like a popular thing to do right now. I have been in touch with Just Dashes and may go that route.
  6. Dosky

    3 piece dash new in box

    Sorry, that is a typo. I have a 1974 model 2002. Not sure what I was thinking when I typed 2004.
  7. Dosky

    3 piece dash new in box

    I'm interested in the dash you have for sale. I have a 2004 base model car. I assume your dash will fit my car. Do you still have it?