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  1. Update: I went back to my old tranny. Replaced the output shaft bearing, new clutch assembly, rebuilt the shifter and drove it home yesterday. All seems good. It is smooth and quiet. I did not open up the NOS tranny to see what the problem was. I tried all I could from the outside, platform position, tension spring, different oil, nothing phased it. It still hopped out of reverse under a load. It felt as though it was fully engaged but would not hold. I'll drive it a while with the 4 speed to confirm it is fixed for good. If not, I'm going to a 245 / 5 speed.
  2. How long do you hold the button to start?
  3. So, my cold start valve is not working. I know I can bypass the timed relay and temp switch and have read some different views on this. Can someone that has actually done this please guide me through it?
  4. Re Tranny Tunnel, my shifter is exactly centered in the tunnel hole. My trans mount is new and everything is tight. The trans pops out of reverse under a load and it is very difficult to find move to first gear. I find it a little easier to find 1st if I'm rolling / down shifting. When at a stop I have to put it in third then downshift to 2nd and first. It is almost impossible to go from neutral to 1st without going through the downshift process.
  5. I was told to run a GL5, I think that was it but could have been GL4. Regardless I found it to be too thin and the tranny seemed a little noisy. I changed to an 80/90 trans grease and the tranny and rear end both sound much better. I think the shop used Swepco in my 914 and it seemed top work well. Maybe I should give it a try, after all, the transmission is coming out again.
  6. Also, any suggestions on the best oil / grease to run?
  7. I have not installed the shift boot or the center console. I'll check but I did not notice it was hitting. I lowered the shifter platform today thinking I had it too high. I can lower it more. That moves the shifter back in the opening also. I'll drop it all the way down and see what happens.
  8. I just installed a NOS tranny in my Tii. It shifts fine and does everything as it should but pops out of reverse under a load. It fully engages as it should but as soon as I start letting the clutch out it pops out of gear. Can I fix this or am I pulling the tranny again? I'm getting really good at dropping it. I'm thinking of putting it in with wing nuts next time so its easier to remove.
  9. I started the transmission replacement on my Tii today. RESRA sold me an NOS 4 speed. I'm waiting on the rebuilt drive shaft. Hope to be back on the road Saturday.
  10. I tried to list the car on BAT with a reserve of $33k. They turned me down, said they would list it with a reserve in the mid 20s. It seemed a little odd to me. There was only one other 02 listed and it was nothing like mine. I could see if they had several listed but not with only one other. Aside from that I've seen lesser cars with reserves in the mid 20s. I guess if you were comparing apples to apples but that is not the case.
  11. A few new photos: I took about 60 yesterday getting ready for a BAT listing.
  12. Aardvark provided the door panels. He sent me the green clips. They bite in to the door metal when I push them in but barely. They pop out on their own. The door originally had clear plastic inserts in the holes. They are all gone. I think they helped allow the green clips bite in to the door better. Do you know if those clear plastic inserts are available? It appears as though the green clips don't push in far enough due to the way the vinyl is wrapped around the door card. That is all I can deduce.
  13. Seats, seat belts and some door work done today. The plastic clips that came with my door panels are too short. Any suggestions?
  14. I've been replacing the carpet and interior on my Tii. I was happy to find almost no rust in the floor pans when I pulled everything out. I removed the old sound deadener, cleaned the floor pans and coated them with Por15 then DynaMat. I purchased the carpet kit from Esty. The fit was pretty good but requires some trimming. Overall I'm happy with the finished product. I'm installing new door gaskets this morning and hope to have door panels and seats in this afternoon.
  15. I came across a slick top / no sunroof Tii and bought it. It had been partially restored but the project went dormant. I saved it from a future "barn find" status. The Tii is more of a very nice driver quality car and I really like the slick top. I'm installing the Dynamat and new interior now. I already have the mechanics and suspension sorted out. This will become my golf course / tennis court car. The Jade Green '76 is a little too nice to use. It is a blast to drive but I'm reluctant to park it anywhere or get in traffic. I drive my cars and ride my bikes. I am not a collector. I thought I'd drive this car more than I do but refuse to leave it in a parking lot for any amount of time. I won't take it to the golf course or tennis courts and leave it unattended while I'm on the course / courts. All of my friends and brothers say I'm crazy for selling it. I know I won't be able to replace it. My Tii, photo attached, will have to do as my driver.

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