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  1. It is not noisy at all. I think the deflector helps with that.
  2. This rack was on a 2002 that belonged to an acquaintance. I acquired the rack a while back and have used it on my 76 model 02. I'm not sure of the tower / upright model #. It may be a little tall but it works well.
  3. No, they are normal size. The rear wheel of the bike sits in a cradle and straps in. The front wheel comes off and forks clamp in to brackets. Only bikes with quick release front wheels fit in the rack. My gravel bike won't fit on this rack. My carbon Tarmac will.
  4. I installed a Thule rack and deflector on my Tii. Car is for sale and decided to include the rack in the sale.
  5. I'm in TX and have a '74 2002 Tii advertised for sale for $22k. It is a great car, rust free and a good runner / driver. You would not need to do much to it to have an excellent car with everything done. You can find it for sale here with complete info. BTW, I'd work with you to get it up north.
  6. I know the car was originally Malaga and originality counts for a lot. However, this color looks great on a 2002 and I haven't seen another one in this color. It is definitely a BMW color and looks great on the car.
  7. The first time I saw it was on a 1976 model 5 series. A friend has one and it is Topaz / factory paint. I'm sure it was available in 1976 but not a US 2002 color. My Tii parked next to his 5 series and the color is pretty spot on.
  8. I was told there is not a 2002 Topas and that this must be an e21 color. I guess I need to look in to this more.
  9. A lot of people convert to a 5 speed. This allows a higher cruising speed at lower RPM. I had a Tii with a 5 speed and wasn't crazy about it. It did better on the highway but I prefer a 4 speed for daily driving. I rum my car on the highway at 65-70 all the time and it is fine. I have had both of my cars close to 100 mph a few times. They are talking to you at that point. As far as a daily driver, I have a Tundra I use for work and when it's raining. Other than that I drive my 2002s. My primary work locations are 40+ miles away from home and my 02s are what I use to commute. Granted i don't drive that every day but if I'm going in for meetings or company functions that is my car. A well tuned 2002 is fun to drive, comfortable and reliable. If you don't already have one I'd suggest buying one for your next toy. They provide a lot of smiles per dollar.
  10. Well, that looks like my car. I recognize the E30 front seats, the wheels and the badge on the grill. I removed the E30 seats and replaced them with the E21 Recaro units in it now. I also removed the wheels and installed the OZ wheels. The trail seems a little funny. My TX Title showed to be transferred in 2011 in Ft Worth, TX and that it was in FL prior to that. I have the last FL registration from Feb 2011. I also found some receipts in the car from the body shop dated 2012. In addition, it showed 86,970 miles on the FL registration in Feb of 2011. It had 87,200 when I bought it last year and shows just over 88K miles now. I was told the Ft Worth buyer purchased the car and had it delivered to his painter for a re-paint. The project stalled and it changed hands between friends before I rescued it from a soon to be "Barn Find" status. Just goes to show, you never know. I'm going to stay with the actual paper trail I have on the car. I think I'll reach out to the FL owner and see if he can shed some light on this. Thanks for the interest in my car and I'll update when I have more facts.
  11. The Sienna Brown car was my third 02 purchase in my search. It came from TN and had some issues I did not want to deal with, mostly paint and body issues. I sold it to someone that was trying to buy it at the same time I was trying to buy it. They wanted a car to restore and paid $22,500 for the Sienna car. I paid $22,500 for it as well. Just swapped dollars and the CA buyer ended up with a Tii to restore. The Topaz car I have listed was originally Malaga. That was evident when I pulled the carpets.
  12. I installed my Thule rack this morning. It will be included with the sale. If you are looking for a good, rust free Tii that is not a project, you would be happy with this car. This is my '74 Tii. I am not a dealer, this is one of my cars. The title is in my name and tags are current. I've done a lot of work to this car over the past year. I intended to keep it but I have two 02s and I just don't need both. I barely have time to drive and maintain one. This is a numbers matching car with little to no rust. I removed the factory sound deadener before installing the new carpet. The pans still had the factory coating and are in great shape. I painted the floors with Pro-15 before installing new Dynamat. The car was painted about 6 years ago and still shows extremely well. The body is straight and rust free. There are not any rust bubbles coming up in the normal places, the fenders, doors and belt trim areas are all rust free. There is a small patch in the spare tire well but the well is very solid. It was originally Malaga and now E21 Topaz. The motor was out of the car when the engine bay was painted. The glass, trim and all chrome were removed as well. The doors were removed so the jambs and inside surfaces of the doors are painted too. I'm running 14" OZ wheels with Falken tires and a stock steel spare. The jack and tire tool are in place. I have recently done the following: New Sachs clutch kit installed Drive shaft and carrier bearing replaced (Drive Shaft Specialties, San Antonio, TX) Transmission output shaft seal, shift shaft seal and reverse switch replaced Shifter rebuilt prior to re-installing the transmission Dynamat installed in floors Esty carpet kit installed E21 Recaro seats and full interior from Aardvark Racing installed Dash cap installed due to 2 cracks in the proper Tii dash Fuel injection adjusted to spec, as close as I can get it anyway. The car shifts, runs and drives out very well. It is running the original 4 speed with a numbers matching block. UPDATE: I have the cold start valve working properly and the car starts pretty quickly. Once warm it starts instantly. The history of the car shows it was sold at Barrett Jackson in 2012 with a reported 86,000 original miles and a rebuilt motor. I don't have documentation to support this rebuild but the motor is spotless and injection pump has all new fittings and hoses. The cooling system is clean and functioning as it should. In cooler temps the gauge stays in the 25% range. When it is hot outside it runs just below 50% in the temp range. I recovered the center console panel and deleted the radio. It needs a radio and gauges installed. Overall, this is a nice Tii that can be driven and enjoyed. It most definitely is NOT a project but not a 100% restoration either. If someone wanted to return it to the original Malaga color it could be an easy restoration to stock. Known issues: 1) The heater blower motor is not working. I have checked the switch and wiring. Power is getting to the blower motor but it does not run. 2) I do not have a key for the trunk. It is not locked but there is not a key for it. 3) The door locks are very stiff, so much though that I don't use them. I have not tried to repair them. 4) The windshield wiper motor only has 1 speed. 5) The right side trunk floor panel is missing. I have seen these available here on FAQ 6) The in dash Tii clock does not work My asking price is just under what I have invested and I'm not negotiable on the price. PM me for more pics or questions.
  13. Thanks for all of the input on my car and 02 values in general. I own this Jade car and here are some of my thoughts. I sold my Porsche 914 for $20k about 2 years ago. It was a late model 2.0l car converted to old style bumpers. The car was rust free and overall a nice car and but not nearly as nice as either of my 02s. Value is in the eye of the buyer. The buyer really wanted a 914. I had purchased and sold 3 other 02s before coming across this Jade car. To drive this car is a pure joy. Between my current Tii and the other three 02s I sold there is no comparison. The Jade '76 model is an extremely nice car. In addition I sold my last 911 years ago. At the time I had a '73 Tii and '81 911. The Tii was much more fun to own, drive and work on. In today's market I'm not sure you can buy a nice 911 for $35k. You certainly can't buy one built and detailed to the level of this Jade 02 for $35k. When I started looking for a clean 02 I thought I bought a couple of nice cars but they turned out needing a bunch of work so I sold them. In comes this Jade car. I drove it and was sold. I'm not a dealer and not trying to turn this car for a profit. I paid $33k for it and would sell it for that. I don't need to sell it. I have two 02s right now and feel like one should go. My Tii is rust free and well sorted but had a color change about 6 years ago. While the paint is close to excellent, it would need to be put back to the correct Malaga in my opinion. For comparison, I'll be listing my '74 Tii later today. Hopefully it sells and I'll keep the Jade car. I'll sell The Tii for $22k which is a good price for a rust free pretty well sorted Tii. Both are very nice 02s. The Jade car is nicer but it is not a Tii. Again, just my thoughts and I appreciate all of the input on my car.
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