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  1. Well, I believe I paid $1,100 for the seats before going to Dave for reworking. With his charges and shipping I have about $2,600 in them. I don't know what reconditioned seats sell for so I don't know if that's fair. When I was looking I could not find a set worth having. These were in very good original condition when I bought them. I have a guy looking at the car here locally. He wants it with the seats and wheels if he buys it. Let me see what he does and I'll get back to you. If you know anyone looking for a good, sorted, rust free car send them my way and maybe we can get the car, both sets of seats and both sets of wheels coming your way.
  2. He couldn't get the german vinyl to match the tan so it is the closest available. It is a near spot on match to the back seat so the color must be very close to original.
  3. On the seats, I looked at several sets and all had bent frames. I was lucky to find a set that were straight.
  4. Here are seat photos and post engine reseal photos. This engine bay photo also shows no red fan, the electric fan is mounted in front of the radiator. I have the factory air cleaner and adaptor but removed it to clean the engine and have not re-installed them yet.
  5. I have 2 cars right now so I thought I'd try to sell this one. It is Chamonix with tan interior. It shows 94,000 miles and I believe it is correct. It runs a Weber carb and 5 speed. In the last year I have rebuilt the front end, replaced calipers, rotors, pads, and flex lines. I cleaned and lubed everything in the rear brakes to correct a hanging parking brake. They work fine now. I just had the front of the motor re-sealed to correct an oil leak. While working there I replaced the water pump, thermostat, all hoses and installed an IE electric fan. This car is road ready and in very good shape. This is a rust free car. There are no rust bubbles in the bottom of the fenders or doors. The rockers, floors suspension are all solid. The dash is not cracked. The windshield and gasket are newer and in great shape. The bottle cap wheels have been re-conditioned and have fresh tires. OK, That is the good on the car. Now for the things needing attention. Everything works except the horn and turn signal return on the steering wheel. The PO installed the steering wheel and I assume the horn is not properly hooked up. It works from the relay when grounded but the horn button does not send a ground to the relay. The speedo is off and reads high, 35 mph reads 45 mph. The car has had the right front fender replaced at some point. I had it aligned after replacing the front end parts and measured everything. The car is straight and drives down the road straight. It will need paint at some point. It has been painted once and was not properly sealed so there is a crows foot kind of thing going on, not all over but probably 30% of the car has it. I planned on painting it and having it as my driver but then I bought a '76 model here from Bill Meyer in Kansas. I'm very happy with my new car so this one is up for sale. I have some additional stuff for the car at an additional cost. I need $14,500 for the car as is. I have a very nice set of E21 Recaros just re-upholstered by Aardvark. I also have a nice set of 14" OZ / Alpina look wheels with fresh Falken tires. I need $2,000 for the seats and $500 for the wheels. I'll attach a photo with both.
  6. How does the headliner look, releasing anywhere?
  7. Sacramento your closest airport?
  8. I'd be interested. What do you have for mileage documentation? How long have you owned it?
  9. To go further on pricing, I have looked at at least 10 cars, 4 in person and 6 in detailed photos. I bought 3 of those cars. The 74 and 76 models were in the $14k range and were very good starting points for a restoration, both very good drivers and rust free. The '74 Tii was bought for $22,500. In my opinion it was also a good starting point for a restoration. It was a nice enough car and a good driver. The 2 previous owners had done some things I would have had to un-do and the car needed a total paint job. I guess my point is you can buy good driver quality square tail light cars in the $14k to $24k range all day long. If you send the cracked dash to Just Dashes, buy and recondition Recaros, have a quality over all paint job done you are probably pushing $35k invested. Bill did a great job in representing this car. I drove from Fort Worth to KC with a trailer and a cashier's check. I would have gone home empty handed if it had not been as nice as described. The value of a car is always established by what one is wiling to pay. I wanted a really nice 02. I would have ended up building one but I'm not sure I could have built one as nice as what I just bought.
  10. On her way to a new home in TX. This is the 4th 2002 I've bought in the last 18 months. Looking for the right car. I think I found it. Best driving 43 year old car I've ever been in. Now I need to decide what to do with my Chamonix '76 model.
  11. I sent you a PM. I'll send my phone number as well.
  12. The white car is not lowered and I did not have a problem with any contact. I like the way they look and the car handled well with them. The ride was more harsh with the 195-50 series tires. I prefer the ride of 13" tires and wheels. These wheels came to me on a Tii I bought. That car was lowered and there was some fender contact on significant dips in the road. The wheels had just been installed on the Tii. The fenders on the Tii were not rolled or modified. I put some 14" bottle caps on this car and problem solved.
  13. These wheels were on a car I bought. I changed to Panasports. These are 15" x 7" with 195-50-15 Dunlop tires. The tires have very few miles on them. These are not true "Alpina" wheels but they are a high quality and look nice. They do not have any curb rash. I have a complete set of lug nuts for them. One wheel center is missing but they are available on e-bay and I'm sure from other sources. I believe they are a 60mm diameter. I'd rather not ship them but I can if needed. I suppose I'd wrap each wheel and send 4 pieces with lugs packaged with one rim.
  14. I'm looking at buying a set of SS bumpers for $1,100. If your's is re-chromed steel it might be good to have as opposed to SS. I'm just guessing, maybe more like $650 or $700. No offense, just a guess.
  15. I’ve been driving both cars and both are great. The 76 has a much tighter ride. The Tii has the normal door rattles and little irritating things that come with a 45 year old car. I just need to pull the door panels and address it. The Tii has small bumpers, a 5 speed and lowering springs. Stock otherwise. The 28 year old paint job has held up very well but it is showing its age. If I were to paint and detail both cars they’d be extremely nice. I’m semi retired so maybe I need to dedicate my free time to paint work.

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