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  1. Hello, I have a 2 piece getrag 240 for sale. It vame out of 1983 e21. It has clutch fork removed becouse i used Tilton hydrualic throw out. $450 I also have Tilton twin plate clutch that works with m10s and m30s. It is Tilton 7.25” cerametalic unit. Part#s for the clutch Clutch cover/Pressure plate: 66-302UW Discs: 64185-8-VV-10 TO : 60-1280 Stock modified flywheel and arp clutch cover bolts. Tilton hydraulic TO with braided stainless lines is included Clutch has around 12k miles. This clutch is rated for approximately 500lb-ft of torque. $650 Buy the whole package for $1000 picked up I am located in Chicago. I will ship clutch however transmission will have to be picked up. Thank you Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. i am looking for 292 or 302 preferably not regrounds. I am also looking for headers.
  3. any performance cams? looking for 292s or 302s. thank you
  4. Hello, I am planning valvetrain upgrade for my m10 turbo motor. I am running fairly big turbo and i would benefit from the higher redline for the broader power band. Currently i am revving it to 6.7k on the stock cam and i must say it pulls all the way but last 600-700 rpms feels fairly flat. I am planning to run catcams turbo cam for less overlap and rev it to 7.5-8krpm. I might also try IE302 if cat cam wont like to rev. I am also planning to run KM CAMS rockers which are heavier than aluminum. Valves will stay stock for now as long as they can handle the rpms. The question is how do i determine the proper valve spring seat pressures? Cat cams have the set of spring to go with their cam however, i might need to compensate for the heavier rockers. I would appreciate Your advise. a little 3rd gear action to keep you entertained Thanks 1302154.pdf

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