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  1. tarheeltaylor

    Instrument Cluster Problems

    Thanks for all the help - the bamboo skewer was an excellent pro tip, knew I could count on y'all. Turns out my shaft peen was a little close to the tip. Filed it down, peened again, and worked like a champ. Haven't had a chance to check the tach situation.
  2. I removed my instrument cluster to address a pseudo functioning speedo and non functional odometer. Also had a light out on the right side of the cluster. I followed the directions on other posts for odo and speedo fix. Speedo is better. The odometer is still not working but I think some of the gears weren’t lining up well when I put it back together. Is there a way to test that out of the car (i.e. without the speedo cable)? Also, now the dash lights shine bright (or at least brighter) but the tach has stopped working. Did I just bump something loose putting it all back together? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. tarheeltaylor

    Official Blunttech Sale Thread

    Dave - Questions on a couple fronts for a '76: 1. I have a sloppy shifter and am wondering about the difference between shifter rebuild kit vs shifter rebuild kit + dssr vs dssr short shift kit. Thoughts and pricing on those options? 2. Also, I bought a high efficiency radiator from y'all and tried to cut an earlier style lower hose to fit around the AC unit, but am still getting a leak. Is there a lower hose (radiator to thermostat) for early cars with AC? Thanks, Taylor