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  1. This engine and transmission has never been rebuilt. I also have an engine block from a 1969 2002 that I just posted that I am selling.
  2. For sale: Engine block and head from a 1969 BMW 2002. It was rebuilt by Korman Autowork in 1978. The engine was removed from the vehicle around 1989 and placed in my garage and has not been used since 1989. The reason why I removed the engine was because I had a newer 2002 engine sitting in my garage so I made the switch. There is no intake manifold with the engine, what you see is what you get. I am located in Herndon, VA. The price is $200.00
  3. I will try to get you a picture tomorrow, I have to move some things around in my garage to get access to it.
  4. 1976 BMW 2002 Rounde engine core 2.0L [ VIN 2580495] with 4-speed transmission. Removed in working order from 1976 BMW 2002 back in 1998. Stored inside garage under cover since. Motor does turn over Motor comes with Weber 32/36 DGAV carb. Transmission was in working order when put-up Engine was a replacement motor installed in the car in Mar 1984. Car was retired in Feb 1994. Estimate engine has 55k miles on it. Oil was always changed 2500 – 3000 miles/ Castrol 20w-50 [Northern VA] Price is $650 and would like to do a local sale. Not interested in shipping this.
  5. Selling my set of 4 13” hub caps that came off a 1969 BMW 2002. Three of the 4 hub caps are in great condition and have minimal dents, one does have some smaller dents. Price is $150 + shipping
  6. Selling an Alpine 7136 Head unit with center console trim. The center console trim has two holes drilled into it because I had toggle switches set up. Price is $250 plus shipping.
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