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  1. Mario Falfan

    Behold my new license plate

    Period correct 75 plates ..
  2. Mario Falfan

    Car for sale-1972 inka orange 2002tii

    The car looks very decent for the $6k, with another $5k the car might just look and run great !
  3. Mario Falfan

    Interior Refurbishment

    Those door cards look awesome, well cared for !
  4. Mario Falfan

    Body Modifications

    That rear bumper looks gorgeous, you went for the real deal ! Am about to change my bumpers but am going on the stainless steel shiny version much cheaper... There's a bit of work involved, you have to weld where the shock holes go , there big holes and bondo the little holes around the rear. I will post the pics in the coming weeks, I just purchased the bumpers and the brackets, Feliz Navidad to me...
  5. Mario Falfan

    Reverse Driving Season

    That perro looks like the Mad Max pooch !
  6. Mario Falfan

    72 2002, Verona $23k to FAQ members

    It will depend on the market, time of year & what the potential buyer is willing pay, IMO the car is worth anywhere from $25k to 30k. I own a 1975 2002, and between the car, parts, labor, bumper conversion and a/c am in it for $20k Maybe next year it will get a glass out paint job it will push even more, this baby is very nice looking, about the only thing I can see that needs attention is the dash. Roundies are very sought after and this baby has a factory sunroof !
  7. Mario Falfan

    Interior Refurbishment

    First and foremost my wife Veronica gave me the carpet as a Xmas present. When it came in, somewhere in the middle of November she said "Go put it on" Stockinteriors, the many, nylon loop, I asked for some swatches, I ended settling with 602, I felt that was the closest color to the original. I thought the carpet was very affordable, under $300.00
  8. Mario Falfan

    Reverse Driving Season

    Gorgeous looking seats, el perro is very cool looking !
  9. Mario Falfan

    Wheel and tire conundrum

    I personally like the bottle caps and IMO they look nice !
  10. Mario Falfan

    Interior Refurbishment

    I jus did my carpet and it turned out real nice !
  11. Mario Falfan

    1972 Tii (vancouver) UPDATE

    Wow that Inka baby sure does have issues....
  12. Mario Falfan


    The wheels look gorgeous !
  13. Mario Falfan

    1972 Tii (vancouver) UPDATE

    Talk about due diligence, if not this guy will fleece you !
  14. Mario Falfan

    1972 Tii (vancouver) UPDATE

    After I saw the link I totally remembered seeing the car on !
  15. Mario Falfan

    1972 Tii (vancouver) UPDATE

    The left door card looks awful, and you can see the door clips thru the shows nice, but very far from perfect, the seller is wanting way too much money for the armor all on the tires....