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  1. Back in December I purchased the belt line trim from Chris for the doors on my ride. My originals had dings and looked very shitty. The after market belt is made of stainless steel and its very nice and shiny. I totally ignored his introductions, I popped the hood removed the old trim, the bitch was removing that rusted metal tab, I used some wrench it oil for the trim to slide each plastic clip without even removing them from the car, so basically I used the same plastic clips, and used the new metal tab closer to the lock, the first side was a bit of an issue because of my lack of knowledge. The second door was a breeze and they look awesome.
  2. All of these seats including the E21 seats require some type of bracket or modification. These seats for the price are awesome, I just adapted a set of E30 seats and they turned out awesome.
  3. With the help of another member of our Houston Club we adapted a set of E30’s in my 1975.
  4. Gorgeous looking trim, the bitch is removing the screw of the metal tab at the end by the door...
  5. I got my door trim a few days ago and plan to tackle the doors this coming weekend....
  6. I got a speeding ticket, as I was going 40 on a 30 in my go Kart!
  7. Chris; Do you have the door trim in stock, please let me know. Cheers, MF
  8. Congratulations on some great looking seats. Those seats look fabulous, so now you just need the seat adapters, and your good to go. I have thought about getting some Recaro's but in Houston, Texas the humidity is very strong.
  9. That wheel could look awesome with blue and red stitching .....
  10. I love the look of the H4 Hella lights, but I was not impressed with the output.
  11. At some point under the previous ownership the door cards got wet and bloated at the bottom, so I purchased the plywood version from Dave. Pre-drilled with all the holes just ready for me to slap the skins on them. The end result is beautiful!

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