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  1. I like this set up better as the vents are in the top .... but the a/c drains life out of the engine in a big way. In Texas we need a/c
  2. The Recaros from that era are now worth $1000.00 a set Not too mention a 5 speed is very hard to find !
  3. Gorgeous car! Great looking paint and very nice color combination. That price is very reasonable....it needs a new caretaker SOON!
  4. I need the drivers side door but the freight would kill me !
  5. It’s a very desirable color, and the 5 speed has been done. The paint looks good, Euro turn signals and a California black plate. The seats will end up being replaced for some Recaro or E30 seats! The best of luck!
  6. Just as I thought you may also want to try Craigslist for $5.00 for 30 days. I too listed a W123 on eBay. I ended up selling the car thru Craigslist. The best luck selling your car. eBay is pricey and not necessarily the best way to sale a car...
  7. The auction is back on starting at $17k. IMO Sahara is not a very popular color, I like wheels and it looks well sorted out, I don’t know about $29k plus the BAT’s premium....
  8. The price is very fair considering that the car is a Roundie. If you pay cash you might be able to bring the price down. You don’t see them that nice for that price: BAT will educate you but the fees are 5% of the final price...
  9. If your trying to finish your ride that price is a bargain clips and all! I thought the door knee trim was NLA. ?
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