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  1. The auction is back on starting at $17k. IMO Sahara is not a very popular color, I like wheels and it looks well sorted out, I don’t know about $29k plus the BAT’s premium....
  2. The price is very fair considering that the car is a Roundie. If you pay cash you might be able to bring the price down. You don’t see them that nice for that price: BAT will educate you but the fees are 5% of the final price...
  3. If your trying to finish your ride that price is a bargain clips and all! I thought the door knee trim was NLA. ?
  4. At that price it should sell in a few days. As far as the rust bubble, these cars are magnets for rust ....All the heavy lifting has been done and not much left to do, awesome looking seats and nice Nardi steering wheel!
  5. $25.00 per wheel, that’s a giveaway! My 75 sports bottle caps.
  6. From the seller Juan ...for $25k the car might just be a bargain ....
  7. The seats looks gorgeous! Plug and play?
  8. The car looks really nice, the 5 speed conversion is a huge plus. It just needs a bit of TLC !
  9. IMO between the trim and the grill there’s $2000.00
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