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  1. Welcome to the club, great looking car !
  2. As we say in Mexico, it’s ONLY as expensive as your pocket book can’t afford it. People sometimes don’t realize how expensive it will get once your start the undertaking....
  3. As an owner of a 1975 2002, I have spent about $17,000 (including the car) I have owned the car for 3 years. If I added: Recaro seats, $2200.00 with adapters Euro turn signals $700.00 Paint Job $7000.00 And the extra goodies, the $40,000 asking price is within range.
  4. Make sure you order the bumper with the license plate cutout. The license plate lights where purchased from Rogerstii, Hella they sell 2 this one is the higher priced I think $50.00 each.
  5. Very nice looking Recaro’s! How much did you spend on them ? How much for the adapters?
  6. 24 days? Is this the same car known as The Colorado Rocket?
  7. Rogerstii has them for a small fortune each $350.00 ! I have decided I will cure the rust on the drivers side door on mine, and stop. I wanted to purchase a set of Recaro’s but at $2000.00 plus the adapters I have decided not to do that. As am wanting to get into a 996.
  8. The car color, the grill looks very nice, what took you so long to make the Euro signals work again?!
  9. Love the color & like those wheels !
  10. IMO, A well made reproduction could easily fetch $800.00 or $900.00, I have seen several leather recovered ones and people pay an ungodly amount for them. Not sure WHY people get them recovered in leather, here in Texas that dash will become a weathered saddle bag real FAST!

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