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  1. Mario Falfan

    Recaro upgrade you opinion

    So am assuming you had to get some aftermarket brackets to fit the seats? Yes pics would be awesome! am about to finish my bumper conversion!
  2. Mario Falfan

    Recaro upgrade you opinion

    The black and white tartan seat looks really nice, if your car doesn’t have a/c IMO the cloth seats are a better choice, but it’s your car and money being well spent ! Cheers, Mario
  3. Mario Falfan

    FS: Hella Rear Fog Light

  4. Mario Falfan


    I love those bumpers, and the Euro turn signals...very nice looking ride !
  5. Mario Falfan

    This car has to be a must-buy :-)

    You need to inspect the car very carefully! 2002’s are rust magnets, and if the car has been sitting outside ONE can only imagine. The gas tank has either rust or water or both, the carburetor will need to be re-built and GOD knows the breaking system like the booster will need attention, this will take mucho money and time ! Don’t get sucked by the sales man pitch! Happy New Year !
  6. Mario Falfan

    New Year Catch Up

    Once the car is put back together it will look very nice! I took (Gretchen) my 1975 2002 for a Euro bumper conversion and hoping to see her next week in my garage !
  7. Mario Falfan

    if you need a new t-shirt .......

    Most of us just want the silhouette of the car, and we will purchase !
  8. Mario Falfan

    🎆 🎉Happy New Year 🎉 🎆 From

    These bumpers come out of Vietnam, not very expensive, they use FedEx to ship, well packed and you can get the bumper brackets from Bluntech for around $325.00 and start your bumper conversion ! I think at the end of the day the bodywork will be more expensive than the bumpers.
  9. Mario Falfan

    1974 BMW 2002Tii

    Mucho, mucho rot !
  10. Mario Falfan

    1969 2002 4 speed for sale

    The car looks really nice, the seats the interior, about the only cosmetic flaw is the grill missing a couple of slats....
  11. Mario Falfan

    72 2002, Verona $23k to FAQ members

    I just have 1 question you have a 75 US bumper on the front? Why?
  12. Mario Falfan

    BMW 2002 Colombia

    Que bella foto ! Saludos desde Houston, Tx
  13. Are the seats still available?

  14. Mario Falfan

    1969 2002 4 speed for sale

    Great looking car !
  15. Mario Falfan

    Behold my new license plate

    Period correct 75 plates ..