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  1. I spoke to Dtech, they just didn't inspire any confidence, and they started talking about the extra charges for the compressor bracket, console partitions and so on and so forth so I went the ICE a/c system. Considering the expense for the a/c system and labor and all NOT SURE IF I WOULD DO IT AGAIN !
  2. I like the look! The vents sit higher than mine so maybe it cools nicer than mine. Does it get cold or cool? I really like the Recaro seats! Is that their cup holder? Is a Sandeen compressor?
  3. The plug & play was the selling factor for me not too mention Munich Motorwerke has replaced at least 40 radiators using Ron’s radiators. The ONLY issue if you replace the fan for the bigger one you will need to shave about a half inch on the ends of the blades. You can use a wd40 can as a guide to shave off the ends.
  4. I hear on the bleeding cash, but if you blow the engine, forget it. I started in October to purchase the less expensive items and in February broke down and got the radiator from Ron’s Racing (plug & play) !
  5. I ended up replacing the radiator, water pump, fan and thermostat. Our summers are brutal 98 - 101 and 100% humidity, my a/c cools it doesn’t get cold. And the temperature gauge barely moves past half way.
  6. You will need a bigger radiator! I live in Houston, Tx and I had to upgrade the radiator.... please post pics of the inside console!
  7. The Coco mats look terrific! That Nardi steering wheel is gorgeous! Is that a Koogle console ( did I misspell it) ? I really like that console with the cup holders!
  8. I can’t drive my Gretchen in the garage dirty, she has to be clean at all times!
  9. I used the clay glove with a bit of soap, and I waxed Gretchen afterwards and I was very happy with the end result.
  10. Am a huge fan of the stainless steel bumpers! So am sure the trim is just as nice!
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