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  1. I do not race, I just don't like drums. I am restoring signature's 2000 tii touring and that rear disc brake conversion, that You have made is correct. Thank You for great pictures. Steve's question about wheel size concerns me too. Or is it possible to use 914/4 rear discs with Your brackets? I have Borrani R1-561 wheels.
  2. I would be interested in those brackets too, whs.de.
  3. In Germany NLA ( or at least we believe NLA ) part prices are ridiculuous. For example, last year Veterama there was old model nosepiece for 2500 euro and it was sold in couple of hours. BMW will remanufacture them, but someone with money was in a hurry. I have asked from BMW that nosepiece, which will cost about 1300 euro and trunk bottom for touring. They kindly informed, that they will make a nosepiece ( 41331835659 ) again, but not the trunk bottom. So there are parts that will come available again. On same journey to Veterama I visited BMW Classic. I wonder where they get parts for their restaurations, there was at least two 02's under restauration there. Here is one picture from museum, photographing was not allowed, because many cars are private.
  4. I had similar issue with E34. Reason was, that clutch fork has a pin in gearbox housing, that dropped when I changed slave cylinder. It was quite painful, because it requires gearbox removal. I hope You do not have same issue.
  5. Thank You, Jimmy. Another great car, Mini Moke. What is CKD? I saw it but did not understand it.
  6. Hello, I was in winter holiday with my grandson in Portugal. I had read, that there was some BMW manufacturing there in 1970's due Portugal government rules, that any car sold there must be 60 or 70 percentage Portuguese. I found first this site, which gives models and units produced. The total unit of Portuguese 02 seems to be 12 774 units. They produced also at least E12 there. Link to site: bmw2002.terraweb.com.pt/producao.htm. Another great site, which gives information about BMW importer and later manufacturer, company was called "Francisco Batista Russo & Irmao", is:. restosdecoleccao.blogspot.co/2017/11/francisco-batista-russo-irmao.html. There is pictured both the facilities in Lisbon and manufacturing plant in Vendas Novas. I went to see first production plant, couple of pictures below. Everything was locked, I do not know, if there has been other activity since BMW production. I do not speak Portuguese, so I don't know anything about company's history except it was discontinued somewhere 1990s. Then I went to see company's headquarter in Lisbon, in pictures it looked impressive. But there is a sport store now. If someone here speaks Portuguese or knows more about company, I would love to learn. For example, to what year company represented BMW in Portugal, did BMW took over there and why was company shut down? Thank You.
  7. I ordered from here: https://www.lukasloza.com/ Came in a week via Royal Mail(!), shirt seems to be really good quality.
  8. 3423875


  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOB_l5SAlwQ After 30 mins.

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