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  1. Thank You for asking, Nick. I took car out with body grill I made in winter evenings. It is in really good condition, as You can see. I will now clean underbody and then my plan is to make a car BMW should have done. I have a salvage E12 525, so I will take axles, suspension, brakes and powertrain from it. M30 should fit nicely and make a good long- distance cruiser. Therefore I do not need mechanics this car had. So if someone needs 1800 engine, four speed gearbox, 4,11 diff, axles, brakes or suspension parts and is able to arrange delivery from Helsinki, Finland, please pm. Parts are free.
  2. If someone is interested in similar car, I know one. I found a set of Borrani 561 here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/654531217944250/ When I picked them up about one year ago, I visited his garage. It was about two hours drive from Stockholm. There was a lot of 02 tourings, 02 sedans and 1600 gt. A need of complete restoration but complete and original. I was interested and offered him 100 000 Skr, he told me it is not for sale under 400 000 Skr. You get about prices to USD or Euro by taking last zero off. He was very nice guy and he has occasionally parts for sale there. If You, who use facebook, will have his name, please pm me.
  3. Now I have done some dismantling, I have one 2000 touring, which I bought a year ago, it had been out since 1990. It is plain 2000 and beyond repair, so I dismantle it and get needed parts for 3423875. So, here are axles from 1800 and 2000 touring. I was secretly hoping, that I can change rear axle from 2000 touring to 1800, but no. Every measures are about 40 mm bigger in 1800. The only thing that might be usable is rear stabisator bar. That 1800 differential looks like it is from steam era compared to 02´s differential. It also has 4,11 ratio, I would have hoped closer to 3,64. Then the front. The frame is same, which is great, because I can use the one from 2000 touring. 1800´s frame has a big dent in the middle, I don´t have to hammer it straight. Also everything else but the struts are the same. I also get front stabilisator, 1800 don´t have them front or rear. As I understand from Realoem, strut is just for neue klasse. They are in good shape, brake caliper seems to be the same as in tii. Brake disc is different, 272x13 against tii´s 256x13. Front hub and bearing seems to be same as tii, no problems there. But then shock absorber, spring and bearings. The spring is much wider and shorter than 02. Partly because upper bearing is different, it is about 4 cm taller than in 02, they have same mountings, so they are interchangeable. Also shock absorber is different, enclosed are measurements. The only sport absorber, I have found for front, is Bilstein B6. Do You think, that it would give more chances, if I use 02´s bearings, they have smaller piston diameter? 02´s bearing also lowers front 20-30 mm, which would be great, but where could I find springs? Only springs I have found, are standard springs from Walloth and they are very soft. The bearing is also much cheaper for 02. And finally, I am planning to use 2000 touring´s brake booster to make room for DCOE´s in 1800. They both are marked ATE T51, but touring´s booster has much smaller diameter. I have original booster in Tii, but I don´t want to take it off the car. Also, if You have other ideas than what I here have presented, they are welcome. I will now clean and paint underbody, then I will start to overhaul axles.
  4. Thank You very much for support. I looked at 1800´s rear brakes. They are a mix of same parts than 02: 250 drum and back plate same as 2002 turbo, brake cylinder 17,46 mm, same as 2002/ ti/ tii. Tomorrow I will remove axles. Pictures and questions will follow.
  5. Hi, I have been renovating an old house for five years now, and finally it was garage´s turn. Now I have place to work with tii touring. I bought the car about two years ago from a young guy, who had inherited it from his father. Car was dismantled but engine/ gearbox and electrics. He had thrown away all interior except dashboard, fuel tank and parts of sunroof. He was planning to do a rally car of it (touring !). I have find parts from Finland, Sweden and Germany, so now all parts I am missing, are body panels. So I took car in my just finished garage (couple of pictures of it enclosed) and took off the engine, gearbox and electrics just to discover, that body is much worse than I had thought. For example fire wall is practically missing on drivers side. The body work will be a massive job and will take a lot of time. I took the car out and put it in cover to wait time and inspiration. I have another car also. It is a 1971 1915918. I got it almost accidentally, because I was selling a 1993 525 ixa touring and this came in trade. I had noticed that the interior is very tidy and original, otherwise I was not interested in car. But now I thought, that I will check it out when I have garage. I was very surprised to find chassis absolutely rost free, that is very seldom here in Finland. I decided to do a little swap so that everything can be returned to original specs. I will fit tii engine to 1800, but with weber carburetors. (Attached picture of engines). I am quite sure that front frame is same in 02 and neue klasse, rear is different. I try to update pictures and Your knowledge of parts interchangeability will be much appreciated. I hope this can be here in 02 discussions, because I read this discussion on a daily basis. And my dream car is that 2000 tii touring, this will be a temporary solution for bad need of a classic car. Happy new Year.
  6. Name: 1915918 Category: BMW Neue Klasse Date Added: 2020-01-01 Submitter: 3423875 1915918
  7. Name: 3423875 Category: BMW '02 Touring Date Added: 2020-01-01 Submitter: 3423875 3423875
  8. Here is another odd valve position question. Above al2002tnz has a picture of his/ her turbo wheel. The position of the valve is shown in a picture. Here someone is selling, as he/ she says, turbo wheels. https://www.racecarsdirect.com/Advert/Details/95988/bmw-2002-turbo-wheels-rims-felgen-02-e10-nos Look at valve position. I don't understand pictures either, in one picture wheels are all black and on the other one silver/ black.
  9. Here are photo of center. Steve, You are amazing, I can not figure out so much of this photo as You could from previous. Attached is also a photo of wrong valve position. There is also marking beside the valve bore, perhaps pressure (bar)?
  10. I got one tii wheel from Walloth about one year ago. They said it is NOS and they will get more. But it is not NOS, as You can see from markings and the bigger problem is, that the valve bore is in wrong place. I can use it only as gas hose keeper. Tii wheels look absolutely fabulous, as in JohnH car. Attached is another car photo, which is permanently shown in BMW museum.
  11. I do not race, I just don't like drums. I am restoring signature's 2000 tii touring and that rear disc brake conversion, that You have made is correct. Thank You for great pictures. Steve's question about wheel size concerns me too. Or is it possible to use 914/4 rear discs with Your brackets? I have Borrani R1-561 wheels.
  12. I would be interested in those brackets too, whs.de.

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